Byron urges gaming detractors to "get a grip"

Dr Tanya Byron today called on critics of the games industry to "stop panicking, get a grip, move on in the debate and just be sensible about who plays what at what age, and what's appropriate."

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ceedubya93615d ago

Yep. Sounds like a good idea to me. Get a grip, and find something more productive to do.

mirroredderorrim3615d ago

She's going to anger the right people if this gets out of hand.

LJWooly3615d ago

I think it's excellent for someone in her position to take this kind of stance towards gaming detractors. It's a rare case, and at least she has some sort of integrity, at least more than those who jump on the old "games are evil" bandwagon.

Nolando3615d ago

that when her report came out everyone was trashing her and calling her mrs. thompson, etc. but now that she did this, she has integrity :P just interesting.

anyway i do admit its nice for someone to not trash the industry for once.