Violence tests on kids "should never happen" - Byron

Having studied the desktop mountains of research into the effect of violent games on children, Dr Tanya Byron has admitted the "jury is still out" on potential risks, but that the type of testing required to investigate it fully would be "ludicrous, unethical" and "should never happen".

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BeaArthur3671d ago

This is ridiculous, I wrote about 5 different papers in college about the effects of video game violence on children, and I never found any evidence that even remotely suggested that video game violence has an effect on anyone. Video games are just the most recent fashionable scapegoat for crappy parents. The jury is still out and always will be because there is no evidence to support this theory.

Yi-Long3671d ago

... 'testing?' 'risks'

Hey, why not forbid kids to watch cartoons, or reading comicbooks, or the Bible, or listening to music.

Sure, there are absolutely no statistics these things can negatively influence a kid, bt why take that 'risk', rght? It's so unethical to 'test' it all out, and in the end see that it DID affect a very VERY VERYYYYYYYYYY small percentage of kids negatively, right!?

Aw geez... people like this woman can just drive me absolutely insane. :(
I think people like that offer a far greater risk of people turning violent and angry, than any game ever can...

TheExecutive3670d ago

What she is saying, and she is absolutely right, is that its unethical to do testing on children to see if they get more violent after playing videogames.

Its called a cost-benefit analysis, if the cost of doing the research could be too high for the benefit it could do then it will always get scratched. This falls under that category.

TheExecutive3670d ago

disagree all you want fools, you have never done a clinical study.

ben8063670d ago

with proper study there can be no findings. so what do we do... guess? yeah why not