EA Goes Free-To-Play: Battlefield Heroes' Producer Speaks

Discussion of the industry's business and development models has been the focus of so many articles, presentations, and conversations for months, if not years now. What business models will work in the future? What audiences should developers be making games for?

EA's Digital Illusions CE -- DICE -- is one of the company's most prominent studios. It has a history of delivering the hardest of hardcore games -- the Battlefield series of first person shooters for the PC. Contrasting that, the company has a new, free-to-play project, Battlefield Heroes, in the works right now.

Leading the charge of Asian-pioneered free-to-play games at Electronic Arts, it marks an interesting step forward for the company, and potentially for the entire Western market. Gamasutra recently got the chance to speak to Ben Cousins, senior producer on Battlefield Heroes, about the step is his studio is taking to push its own boundaries.

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