Taylor: Hardware stalling Supreme Commander 2

Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor's let slip that PC hardware is currently stalling plans to deliver a full-blown sequel to his RTS Supreme Commander.

Speaking about the addition of new faction the Seraphim in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance in an interview with PC Zone magazine, he explained, "... the only thing stopping me from doing it [adding new factions] on any sequel is memory".

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Charlie26883733d ago

Oh boy its sounds like SC2 will fallow the legacy of the first as being as THE Supreme System hog

and yet I thought Taylor had learned his lesson from the first game after being heavily criticized for the irrational amount of RAM that game eat...sigh

TheIneffableBob3733d ago

Oh, c'mon now.
You can do it Chris Taylor. You just have to take out the physics calculations for every single projectile and make it so that not every unit has its own individual AI.

jib3733d ago

that would be a step down from SC1 wouldnt it

ravenguard883732d ago

I don't see the real reason why Windows limits the amount of memory available to an application.

SC barely gets above 1GB on my system and stops.

iilluminate3732d ago

For me SupCom is the best PC game since Total Annihilation, which still plays remarkably well all these years later.

I really hope they make SupCom2 a game that most people can play, with similar system requirements to C&C3. If they don't do this it'll never get the commercial success it deserves. Most people use their PC for web and email and only a tiny percentage are going to be comfortable upgrading.

P.S. Best not abbreviate to use SC and SC2, could be confused with another game. :)