Stay in This Hotel Play Wii for 120 Per Hour reports: "The Westin chain of hotels know what, at the moment, is hot. And what's most likely to get idiot holidaymakers (or adventurous business travellers with expense accounts) to part with silly amounts of cash money. It's not a well-stocked minibar. It's not convenient, discrete access to pornography. No, it's the NIntendo Wii, which they'll soon be offering in two ways to guests. One way is to rent the console from reception for $50. An hour. The other is to pop into the hotel's gym and work out with a personal trainer on a Wii. For $120 an hour. Kotaku promises you, cross there heart, this is not a lie. Indeed, it's just the tip of a games-console-rip-off iceberg, with other hotels offering stuff like DDR, Guitar Hero and Halo, all charged at extortionate rates. Let this be a public service announcement to all of you: companies make console travel bags for a reason, people."

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