Ninja Gaiden Producer: Video Games Depict Only 10 Percent Of Ninja Lifestyle

MTV Multiplayer met with Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword producer Yosuke Hayashi twice last Thursday: the first time at his hotel on Manhattan's east side to talk ninja gaming, the second to show him New York City as viewed from the 29th floor of the MTV News offices in Times Square.

This is what MTV Multiplayer learned:

- Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is good enough for Hayashi's mom.
- Ninja Gaiden DS was made to be played with the DS held vertically (book-style) to help lefties.
- Hayashi can spot people playing his game in public without seeing the screen.
- The game is designed to move at the pace of penmanship.
- Tecmo won't share their DS knowledge with other developers; wants to be challenged.
- Hayashi doesn't want to stop working on the DS.
- Dozens - hundreds - of ninja-based video games have barely scratched the surface of the ninja lifestyle.

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