Northern Ireland Officials Approve of Byron Report

Gamepolitics reports:

"Government officials in Northern Ireland have expressed appreciation for the recently released Byron Review, which addresses children's use of the Internet and violent video games.

eGov Monitor reports that government ministers Gerry Kelly (left) and Jeffrey Donaldson gave Byron's work their blessing. Said the Sinn Fein party's Kelly:

We need to ensure that children and young people are safe on the internet. I welcome Dr Byron's review and look forward to looking at the detail. Keeping children and young people safe is a priority and responsibility for us all. Having a report which deals with practical actions to help keep our children safe is very welcome.

Donaldson added:

The internet is a wonderful tool and can help children and young people in their learning. But we need to make sure that children are safe when using the internet and video games. Dr Byron's recommendations will give us a firm basis for discussion at the next Ministerial Sub Committee meeting.

GP: We can't help but noting Kelly's Wikipedia entry, which reports that he was found guilty of conspiracy in regard to a 1973 terrorist bombing in London which killed one person and injured 200 more. He subsquently escaped prison, shooting a guard in the process.

It's good to see that he's concerned about violent video games."

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