Game consoles, physical media really dying?

Lately there has been a lot of talk in the media about disc formats for movies (i.e. Blu-ray) dying out soon in favor of downloadable/streaming content through the internet. There are even some claiming the same fates for our beloved game consoles and game software as well. With all this talk of such a convenient and magnificent near future, it's hard not to think back as late as the 70's and 80's when a lot of visionary people used to say that by the year 2000 we would all be driving fully automated or flying cars.

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Capt CHAOS3763d ago

And 100% of my PC games are on downloaded media via Steam..

Time_Is_On_My_Side3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Hackers if a person ever got a hold of your personal computer information they can steal your content. With physical media the game is completely secured and only my saved data will be a problem. Yes it's a good alternative but it won't take over physical because physical media has better security over the Internet.

Kakkoii3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Lol @ Some One Plays:

If a hacker wants a video game. He's not going to spend month's waiting for someone to pick up his virus and then steal there downloadable game account.

He's just gonna go get a torrent for the game and download it instantly. It's much less hassle.

Pain3763d ago

But mostly for Handhelds not really Consoles

With the Size of data needed for games now and later
to DL such things would take forever plus internet speed
nowhere close to spec for that yet.

But i do see death of Media for handhelds.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I'm talking more in terms of taking over, so if PC players have to do the same thing who's going to govern that? So everything is going to be open in the PC world. It's either the network where they get the games will be hacked or the users. In the end a lot of gaming companies can lose a lot of money because of security issues.

Pirated movies is becoming the norm nowadays because of programs today. Now imagine when they'll make games solely based on the internet? The PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, and Wii will most likely be covered for security.

Kakkoii3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

That's the thing tho.. Downloading is already the norm for Pirating. So it doesn't matter if all media goes to downloading. Because Pirating is already there. Nothing changes if consoles go to purely downloading games.

Because Pirates already download the console games off of the internet and burn them.

And also Pirating doesn't effect how much the industry makes, as much as people seem to believe. Pirating brings free advertising for games, free spreading of word. It allows people to play the game who normally wouldn't be able to afford it. Or who don't think it's worth spending money on a game. Those people were never a market and thus never money to be lost. And those people make up a large percent of pirates. So it doesn't make them loose as much money as they like to claim. In fact... In the music industry many would say it actually helps. Especially for the little guys trying to become famous.

And for thing's like hacked accounts that are used for downloading games from a company.. That's not a logical source for a pirate. Because an account like that wouldn't be able to be shared among the internet. Or else that account would be terminated.

Which is why Pirates download all the games once from the company, then crack them to work without the company's client program. (e.g: Steam) And then upload that cracked version of the game and share it all over the net. It's a lot better that way.

Steam does fine and it's a pure download service. There's no need to worry.

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Fishy Fingers3763d ago

Currently, there's still to many downsides to Downloading, it's fine for something's but is definitely not ready to become the norm. It will be a long time before the mass market to fully adopt Digital Downloads.

BeaArthur3763d ago

I'll be buying disks until they start making hard drives much bigger than they do now. Especially the 360, I barely download anything because I don't want to pay all that money for an extra hard drive.

Sayai jin3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Flying cars? Everyone knows that if we had hydrogen or flying cars then we would be not be able to pay thos low and affordabke gas prices at the gas pump. (sarcasm ends)

Hmmmm. The flying cars analogy was a not a good one. If you asked people in the eary 90's would anything ever be better than CD or would ther be an alternate souc for a CD or would you be able to get music of of the internet. Remember at this time the internet was more like a bulletin and just starting to becomme the world wibe web as we know it. It ws not too long before the first signs of MP3's started to show up. It used to take 30 minutes or longer to download just one song off with 28kbps or 56kbps ISP, but then ISDN, then DSL and shortly after Cable, T1, T2 connections wer available. I can download 1GB movie in under a hour a few years ago.

Did this mean that MP3's make CD's obsolete? No, but it did provide a nice alternate for them. How many time have you brought a CD only to have it scratched or broken ot even lost? It sucks. So what do you do go buy the whole CD again. People used to say that no one would prefer a digital/electronic version of a CD and that bandwidth and infrastucture and even the lack of internet speed would be and incredible hurdle. Never the less here we are and MP3, MP4's, etc are very common. People still buy CD's, but how many people do you see walking around, working out in the gym, etc with a CD player, right they mostly have MP3 players. Digital music is becoming more common in cars and home, streaming anyone? Once again CD is not dead at all.

It will be a few years befor DVD fades away, some analyst say even longer. For one, most people have standard TVs and even when the upgrade for HDTV becomes mandatory (2008-2009 in the US) most people will pony up and buy a HDTV that has 1080i capability. 1080p TV will still be more expensive. Most people do not care for super high definition. Most consumer buy a DVD to watch a movie, nit to get eye splitting visuals and sound. I love it myself, but ost do not. Blu-ray is still more expensive than DVD $29 USD to $19 USD for DVD which is still $10 cheaper. Not to include the price of the player. No doubt it has dropped in price and will continue to be cheaper so the price will not be an issue for ever. I think that in a few years DVD prices will get to around $15 USD, this will happen before the end of DVD's era.

As far as high speed internet it iwll become cheaper nd cheaper, more and more people own computers becase you can get them for really cheap Cable providers will lower their ISP costs for consumers. People are looking at the now as far as internet speeds and bandwidth. Although this internet speed is a while off it shows you what companies are working t click the the link for the story.

Look around every major movie studio is signing up for DD, streaming media etc. No matter how long it takes it will be a lot like the services for music; BMG online music, Napster, iTunes, and maybe even Sirus satelitte comm (way down the road). MS has already started this with DD on XBL marketplace, Netflix will begin soon and Sony is getting there IPTV like service ready too. There are manu other companies getting ready for it. Trust me, companies like Sony and MS is embracing this for a reason. Will this eventually replace DVD or Blu-ray, hell no, but it will provide an alternative just like MP3's for CD's.

People always have a a hard time accepting new tech, but people will warm up to DD just like most DVD owners will start to warm up to Blu-ray.

pkb793763d ago

You made some good points but I just an to clarify something you said about the switch to HDTV in 2009. All that is happening is that all broadcast are going digital. This means that you will no longer be able to pick up tv stations on your tv's 'rabbit ears' on your SDTV. If you have digital cable or satalite you will still get channels for your SDTV as your cable/satalite box converts a digital signal into analog signal that a SDTV can handle.
You will not have to go out a buy a HDTV in 2009. Of course everyone should go out and get a HDTV right now as they just look so damn good.

The Wood3763d ago

sarcasm but the movie studios just want to make more money with less effort. They want to make sure that if 1 person buys something that person can only watch it in their premises. They'll probably have some type of drm like most dlc on xbl or games like warhark on psn so if you wanted to watch/play it somewhere else you couldn't because it would be locked to a specific hdd/ip/computer etc.

Sayai jin3763d ago

@pkb79-Thanks, your right this is a common misconception I put it this way, so explain it easier. Another misconception is that people will have to fork over their hard earned cash to buy converter. Most people also do not know that the US government will subsidize the cost with 2 vouchers per person or 2 for each family.

SKUD3763d ago

Physical media will never DIE!!!.

ceedubya93763d ago

of knowing that I have a disc to fall back on just in case something goes bad. I like being able to download games, but I don't feel too comfortable about having all of my games as downloads. Besides, I like being able to see my collection on the shelf.

The Wood3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )


people who want DD only obviously don't want to be able to sell anything on or even borrow to a 'friend'. DD is good and has its place but ill believe its here and physical is dead when I'm downloading MGS7 or something. Until then both WILL work in unison.

Lets not be in a rush to give up all our rights as consumers.

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