Battlefield 4 - Two New Screenshots Released

DSOGaming writes: "DICE and Electronic Arts have released two new screenshots for Battlefield 4. The first shot illustrates ‘Levolution’ on Siege of Shanghai map, while the second one shows off the detail on the in-game characters."

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TrevorPhillips1961d ago

That looks stunning! Can't wait to get this for the PS4 :)

john21961d ago

It does look sweet indeed. Hopefully the beta will launch this August/September

DeadlyFire1960d ago

I wonder if the game will have a Battlefront beta key in it when I pick it up.

Omran1961d ago

this is what next gen games looks like
and yeah there is no fish in battlefield:)

TrevorPhillips1961d ago

Forget fish, we have falling buildings and stuff :))

Isis061961d ago

so long and thanks for all the fish.

PositiveEmotions1961d ago

Im not a fan of first person shooting games but i will get this game for my brother he doesnt play games anymore but he really wants bf4 so ima get it for him along with knack

6yo1960d ago

cod hummer and second battlefield