WipEout HD - The Best Futuristic Racer Since F-Zero GX? (MTV Multiplayer Preview)

Want to play WipEout HD? You better own an HDTV.

WipEout HD is, without a doubt, the best looking futuristic racer to arrive on a console since Sega and Nintendo teamed for F-Zero GX.

MTV Multiplayer wanted to deliver impressions on Friday, but technical hiccups meant that didn't happen. The extra time paid off, though; MTV Multiplayer spent the weekend playing through every available race - there are 14 on the playable code Sony provided them - and loved almost every minute of it.

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Skerj3736d ago

I'm gonna rock the Mute City music in this so I get the best of both worlds.

yanikins1113736d ago

Bring the rain Sony, Bring the rain.