LOVEFILM ending UK game rentals in August

LOVEFiLM has just announced it will be terminating all game rentals for both new and existing customers as of August 8th.

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nitrogav1960d ago

Now that's a shame . I wonder why ? .

demonicale6661960d ago

It is lame, and myself and my brother have quit lovefilm because of this, and we know of loads of other people too who are quitting.

It's not good enough, looks like it's going to be ebay and second hand game stores for me then for those single player games.

Pascalini1960d ago

Ending my lovefilm now on the phone

Kayant1960d ago

Well bye bye love film it was great while it lasted am going to try out blockbuster rental and boomerangrentals and see if they are any good.

pompombrum1960d ago

Just had a look at Boomerang rentals and it looks better than Blockbuster imho, a much larger selection of games.

demonicale6661960d ago

Oh and guy's, you CAN CANCEL when you want, don't let them say to you that you have to ring back 5 days before your next bill date.

Just got off the phone and cancelled mine,Also Kayant, i've heard blockbuster are worse than lovefilm, they takes ages to send you discs and don't respond to emails and don't stock many games.

pompombrum1960d ago

I use blockbuster.. they have a top ticket system which works really well. I've never tried emailing them but found their phone support to be pretty good. It's true though that their game selection is terrible compared to lovefilm.

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The story is too old to be commented.