Bus Simulator Interview

The guys at IncGamers had previously reported that we would be seeing a Bus Simulator coming to PC's. Well, they've tracked down the developers and managed to get an exclusive interview with never before seen screenshots.

And it's more than just picking up fares...!

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Leord3759d ago

This is so ridiculous it might be come cult!

killer_trap3759d ago

while English isn't my first language, i think there's something wrong with your sentence.

SKUD3759d ago

Hopefully they will also simulate the graffiti and crack deals that go on during the bus rides!. Sounds like fun to me!.

xionpunk3758d ago

I don't think they have the tech to simulate the dag nasty stank though...

Karebear3759d ago

I don't even like riding the bus, let alone playing a simulation of it.
Kudos for original thinking though! Good luck!

micro_invader3758d ago

training for people who want to become professional bus drivers :p