Beards or Boobs

With all this talk about pirates and ninjas, vikings often get overlooked. Too bad, because vikings have a lot to offer. Amazing beards, for example. A shame high-brow British men's lifestyle magazine FRONT focused more on boots and boobs instead of beards. (Missed opportunity, folks!) Model Kitty Lea hacks her way though Viking: Battle For Asgard in a bikini. She must be cold.

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DarKnight13580d ago


I think its quite obvious which i would take.

Grim Visage3580d ago

yeah, you would take the beard anytime of the day and twice on sunday!

KidMakeshift3580d ago

What about boobs with beards

I could always go for a hairy nipple

Amanosenpai3580d ago

Boobs and gamming world... the perfect combo