Atari founder: "Microsoft screwed up with the Xbox One reveal"

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell talked how Microsoft screwed up with their Xbox One reveal, in his opinion.

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allformats1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Yes they did. But it wasn't simply happenstance, it was arrogance mixed with overconfidence, and the insatiable lust to rip more monies from the already overspent gamer.

It backfired. It had to. Microsoft's vision for gaming is dismal, disappointing and saddening.

Thank goodness for Sony who had the balls to stay away from DRM,and the blocking of used games. It's the only reason MS backpedaled.

LaChance1989d ago

Thank God for MS otherwise Sony would have come out with a 800$ console and ask us to get a third job this time around.

CBaoth1989d ago

that pretty much got handled by Microsoft this time around.

S2Killinit1988d ago

have you thanked Sony for sticking up for gamers yet? (;

badz1491988d ago

Atari is just taking a jab at Phil Harrison who left them for M$!

"Take that, Phil!"

Clarence1988d ago

The ps3 cost $840 Sony sold it at a lost.

1988d ago
Ritsujun1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Aww LaChy, why so mad, dumped by Pon Patrick?

Retroman1988d ago

"MS screwed up with xboner"

tell us what we dont know!!!
duh !!!!

Hicken1988d ago

Yeah... probably not.

insomnium21988d ago

Sony never even asked for us to get a second job so I have no idea what you are babbling about. Fanboy BS?

Funnymonkey0131988d ago

U should be thinking Sony 4 not using drm and the whole used games thing. Pluse they learned with ps3 that overprice will hurt them . where is ur brain just wondering cause all I c in it is full of ms shit in it u dumb fanboy:)

Funnymonkey0131988d ago

I should be thinking Sony 4 not using the whole drm used games and 24 hours check in BS yo. plus Sony has learn that pricing to high would hurt them and go figure it's 100$ less then the shit box so ur comment is pointless really it's sad there's so many brain dead people like u r in earth.

BOLO1988d ago

Stupid Xbot is stupid.

hakesterman1988d ago

Sony was going to win this time around no matter what, it was their Destiny.........

TheSaint1988d ago

You need a better first job.

dudeOplenty1988d ago

Why is it that when the Xbox 360 is $500 and the PS3 is $600, price is a main arguing point for Xbots. But when the X180 is $500 and PS4 is $400, the discrepancy is ignored.

You people just spout all the garbage MS tells you about it being worth your while because it's magic, as though you will be getting a home for you and your loved ones in the cloud.

MazzingerZ1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I doubt I would purchase a 800 EURO console...anyway, the PS3 WAS WORTH 599 when i got it, opened the package and compared to my X360...silent, shinny pretty, slot loading DISC drive, upgradable HDD, solid HW (could use it to demolish a house), NO power brick, BR player, built-in Wi-fi, controllers used lithium batteries, optical audio output, HDMI, Bluetooth and so on...

Actually my noisy and plastic cheap X360 became all of the sudden that time I had already purchased, 2 years of XBLG (100 EURO), battery charge-packs...add that the launch price and that I got RROD later on, it's was easily and saddly more expensive...

MSFT screwed up because they REALLY believed ALL people got their console because it was the best console and can't live without it rather than some of them partially because it came out first and yeah, learned to loved they thought that they could implement of those restrictions and people will just accept it

Now they have realised (a little too late) that many of that early adopters are not married with the console and they are going again through the process of evaluating the best option for 1st next gen console purchase, the difference is that this time both launch at the same time.

MSFT seems to be rushing the X1 this time again, but like I wrote, difference is that SONY is launching at the same time and those flaws in the launch of their console will be more obvious as we will be able to directly compare with SONYs console and viceversa...SONY lied as well during the PS3 launch, with that HOME video streaming, sharing, cross-game chat, etc

Let's see who really planed to launch the console Q4 2013 and who didn't...right now it looks like SONY is not having to much trouble, every step seems to be well planed.

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MikeyDucati11989d ago

It doesn't take balls. It takes providing something that the competition does not. That's just the nature of business.

Manic20141989d ago

If there was a very small negative backlash than Sony for sure would of gone with the DRM but im glad the gaming community is vocal and now both consol's will not be DRM implemented.

Hopefully the Xbox one will continue on the right track and both consol's will become huge success.

CGI-Quality1989d ago

There's no guarantee of that. Just because MS tried to get away with something doesn't mean Sony would have followed suit. I hate how they are always compared like they are one-in-the-same. Lest we forget before MS entered this industry, Sony's highest releasing platforms were $299?

MasterCornholio1989d ago

"If there was a very small negative backlash than Sony for sure would of gone with the DRM"

The problem with that theory is that Sony mentioned at their Febueary event that the PS4 wouldnt require any sort of internet connection in order to play games. This eliminated any possibility of Sony implementing an online DRM system which is what Microsoft wanted to use for the XBOX One. On top of that Yoshida confirmed to the press that they already decided the fate of DRM early on in the development cycle. Which again prevents them from incorporating a Microsoft like DRM system.

If Microsoft didnt get any backlash for their DRM system Sony would have continued with their original plans and that was to release a console that wouldnt support an online DRM system.

Manic20141988d ago

There was alway's a probability of Sony Implementing a similar version of DRM as after the xbox one unveil, PS Fan's and gamers all round had gone vocal on the DRM protest both for the PS4 and X1. There after they Sony Exec's tweeted "We are listening" if there were not to include DRM they would of just tweeted the rumours are not true but instead they tweeted we are listening to the gamer's whom are being vocal. After the PS4 unveil in feb many rumor's included of being DRM related. Question were asked over time to the executives' they replied by neither confirming or denying the rumor's and pulling some PR crap. Tretton had already stated that the DRM was an option for them but the opted out.

btw read this article

True they mentioned no internet is required to play tegame's but in MS case the console needed the connection to Check in but you still can play offline. They just have a much superior PR method than MS. Though if they did included DRM they could of chosen a different technique. There is also proof of DRM being patented by Sony in lated 2012 to be specific it was intent of use were for Games.

btw read this article

in the end it was because of MS backlash more likely that sony opted out.

pixelsword1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

"There's no guarantee of that. Just because MS tried to get away with something doesn't mean Sony would have followed suit."

Well, Sony's charging to play online for the PS4, and the only thing that kept them from doing DRM was people complaining about having to pay to use the online, so that comment has merit.

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AngelicIceDiamond1988d ago

They screwed up the reveal and had DRM. MS learned its lesson much, much quicker than I anticipated. At least MS is doing things right early, rather than later.

MS arrogance got shot down quick.

Ausbo1988d ago

DRM eventually is gonna happen. When all digital happens, drm will come with it.

iceman061988d ago

I agree with you. However, there are many ways to implement DRM. Many of those ways still offer better systems and choices than that of MS. It's not WHAT they were doing as much as HOW they were doing it AND their lack of a clear and concise message as to the benefits of the MS future.

Consoldtobots1988d ago

this is what alot of us meant when we said "you never want a gaming industry with MS in charge". Imagine if they were the only game in town. They would be shoving all this draconian garbage down consumers throats and lol the whole time. Of course they would cause another gaming crash but thats for another topic.

1988d ago
Gekko361988d ago

@allformats - i wouldn't say that sony had the balls to stay away from DRM I would say that sony's scrotum shrivelled up when this topic came up. The new functions Microsoft were trying to explain (badly I admit) were to embrace the future of digital downloads and at the same time stop abuse of the feature.

I had no issue with this and was a bit miffed when they took it back. I buy games new and never sell them, I have a 89mb internet connection and don't care about @tyre waffling on about american nsa paranoia.

It was Microsoft who had the balls to test the waters for this way of doing things and when the minority core gamers bitched and whined Microsoft backed down.

This is the real crime, that the people on this site suggest they have more insight in the business and future proofing than the companies them selves.

xion871988d ago

I see, so by your logic Sony had the balls to test the waters for all digital before that with the pspgo, and the acceptable price point with the ps3.

What Microsoft may have been trying to do could have been interesting (and yes the explaining was awful), but when it came time to explain themselves it was clear these policies where poor or being changed on a weekly basis. When they themselves have no solid plans or explanation for how they would practically handle the used game market or rental industry that should sound off all kinds of alarm bells.

For a company so 'future' centric it completely lacks foresight; no, saying we have some kind of plan we can't discuss is not good enough.

The real crime is that you are all to eager to sell over your rights with not so much as a single self appropriated thought, better yet you think they are some bastion of justice...

I wouldn't praise them for testing the waters, just as I won't praise the ps3 initial price point or pspgo ditching all physical media. They are not brave soldiering decision, they are the result of poor business decisions.

Gekko361988d ago

@Xion87 - Selling my rights to a corporation is a little far fetched I must say!

YES, Microsoft needed to make the process clear and did a poor job of it, however to say that customers are selling away there rights is an unfair argument. People are choosing an eco-system when they either buy a PS4 or XBOX One. They are making a choice to game in that companies eco system. I chose XBOX (I never buy Japanese brands) and with it I saw a slight variation to Steam and that suited me down to the ground.

There will be a lot of people who feel the same way. To characterise opting for one as selling your right and the other as salvation is very unfair.

Epic_Troy1988d ago

Awesome every time when there is bad news about Microsoft it's a top new article on n4g....but as soon some one speaks negative about sonys console it gets swap under the carpet smfh you fanboys are pathetic

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1989d ago Replies(2)
Manic20141989d ago

I think Don Mattrick Screwed the Xbox one, When he first took the job he stated that he wants to make the gaming industry digital. Glad that he is gone and now hopefully the xbox one will stay on te right track since they have come back on track after the 180 but the kinect and price is an issue still to be fixed.

Automatic791989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

They just did not show enough games. If they would have extended the one hour reveal and showed games and all the other functionalities it would have gone much better.

Manic20141989d ago

True though they redeem themselves during E3 on the gaming counterpart but as a whole they never justified the console. Glad they backtracked on the DRM shit. Now until the launch they have to prove why choose the xbox one but as of now i only see couple of reason's to buy the console.

Automatic791989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I agree the games looked fantastic. Now that the DRM issues are in the past. They can focus on games and the system or how well the intergration of kinect, smartglass, Game DVR and even cloud work with Xbox One. Gamescon is around the corner which they have mentioned will have more exclusives. They are also planning on attending TGS. I am interested in hearing more about the system in upcoming events.

S2Killinit1988d ago

it wasn't the fact that they didn't show games that bothered people (well at least me) it was the "why?" they didn't show games when revealing a gaming console...

HmongAmerican1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

MS did that on purpose just to generate hits/hype/talks. MS also revealed always online DRM demo just to test out how gamers gonna react to it, again to generate hits and we all fall for their PR. E3 they show the games but sadly failed to address DRM because they got lots of negative feedback. Then when they saw the pre order not going as planned. MS drops always online.

Nodoze1989d ago

Nolan Bushnell - Master of the obvious