Wii Monday Virtual Console Releases (3/31/08, US)

Nintendo has announced two additions to the Wii Virtual Console today. The first SEGA Master System game debuts, Wonder Boy, although it's not listed at the 400 Wii Points ($4) price that SEGA announced last week. The announcement from SEGA states "prices start at 400 Wii Points," so not all SEGA Master System games will be priced the same, apparently. Another N64 game is available today as well, Cruis'n USA for 1000 Wii Points ($10).

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was my favorite game @ the arcades and I had the game on the game gear

tweaker3616d ago

Now that Brawl is released, why not release the N64 version on SSB on the Virtual console? I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

chrstphr5673616d ago

Crusin USA? man I used to curse at the tv a lot when i got into an accident near the finish line. Now I can do it all over again.

sumfood4u3616d ago

I look forwards to Wind Waker!