New Star Ocean 4 trailer

The new Star Ocean 4 trailer came inside the Square Enix and Tri-Ace promotional DVD. The platform of the game hasn't been announced yet, but Forever Fantasy still haven't lost hope; they believe it will be revealed later this week in the new Famitsu issue, as Square Enix promised new details.

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BilI Gates3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Now THAT was amazing and even though I already know what platform it's for I can't discuss what I know here. It isn't multi-plat though I can tell you that much. ;]

killer_trap3702d ago

you can always PM me. I'm good at keeping secrets :o)

Daver3702d ago

if its not a multiplat game... it has to be a playstation exclusive.. it cant be otherwise...
Tri-Ace is not making 2 exclusives for xbox...

killer_trap3702d ago

i don't even think it makes sense releasing JRPGs exclusively for the 360. unless it's a FF game nothing will move the system in japan. so relax daver it's not an exclusive.

Palodios3702d ago

Yeah, I agree with you on that. Its really surprising at how crummy these 360 rpgs have been selling, and for some reason they're all coming out in waves. Maybe MS paid for exclusivity? I can atleast see ps2 rpg developers moving to the wii, but why on earth make jrpgs for the 360?

jiinn3702d ago

Why make them? Because the install base is almost twice as large, and the Xbox 360 user buys more games...

For sales?

meepmoopmeep3702d ago


look at the software sales and do the calculation by ratio.

Palodios3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

@ jiinn

I don't think you understand how different the ps3 and 360 demographic is. I can definitely understand where you'd be coming from if we were talking about wrpgs, but no one in the United States buys the niche jrpg. Besides big name games like FF, the market for the smaller rpgs is insignificant in the United States. In Japan, where they buy these rpgs up, the 360 is dead in the water.

hazeblaze3702d ago

Not only that, but the user base of the Wii is bigger than that of the 360... and it would REALLY be easier for devs to focus their rpg's on that system instead b/c the costs are so much lower.

At any rate, I'm guessing that this will be a PS3 exclusive. With JRPG's doing so poorly on the 360, and the 360 continuing to sell less consoles, I doubt we'll see them invest in two 360 exclusive games. It could end up multiplat though...

I'm more interested in when the game is expected to come out. The dev team at Tri Ace isn't that large... I don't think they'd be working on this and Infinite Undiscovery at the same time...

barom3702d ago

does this remind anyone of starfox? even the planes kinda looks a like

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Palodios3702d ago

I thought Space Date was 2087. Any star ocean fanatics out there who can clarify?
Also, this is a year old trailer. Why repost?

jiinn3702d ago

It would be nice to see some ingame footage instead of a prerendered commercial.

BilI Gates3702d ago

False. There's only one other "trailer" out there and it's actually a teaser that's less than a minute long. Please get your facts straight before you call it a repost.

Palodios3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Okay, maybe its not technically a repost, but the trailer shows very similar footage, and doesn't reveal anything new whatsoever.
Seriously, watch this trailer, and tell me that there is any difference, besides that the "new" trailer stretches it out more.

BilI Gates3702d ago

It's an extended trailer, not a repost. Lets just leave it at that.

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meepmoopmeep3702d ago

OMG, this better come out for the PS3!

MrWonderful3702d ago

i think that the reason 360 got infinite discovery is because this will be a ps3 exclusive

predator3702d ago

some of these comments here make me laugh......

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