Nyko shows its upcoming PS4 and Xbox One accessories

Chris Arbogast, Nyko's Marketing Director, shows off the accessories the company is producing for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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jacobie741542d ago

reverse analog stick for the PS4...........LOVE YOU FOR EVER

1542d ago
Akuma2K1542d ago

I hope they make a compatible headset, not sure if the current PS3 headsets will be compatible with the PS4.

SactoGamer1542d ago

If they don't, someone will.

HammadTheBeast1542d ago

They are. Same Bluetooth tech and USB.

StockpileTom1542d ago

Doesn't make sense marketing-wise to make the current headsets incompatible... they still have Pulse Elite headsets to sell.

NoobJobz1542d ago

I like the price. Hopefully that doesn't mean low quality. But I'd rather buy $30 nykos vs $60 official if the quality is almost the same.

FrightfulActions1542d ago

"For the Xbox One, it runs off of double A's, apparently"

Least I'm not the only one who finds that surprising. That battery pack looks like a really good product for any Xbox One owner. They shouldn't NEED one because the controller should had been already with one, but at least theres an option on the market. Seriously using batteries in your controller is so last-gen.

UNGR1542d ago

Looking forward to both the chargers. They're very handy.

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The story is too old to be commented.