Xbox One = PS3?

Gamers Association editor Alex Wen is feeling a little deja vu with the Xbox One. Anyone else receiving sudden flashbacks to the early days of the PlayStation 3?

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xHeavYx1989d ago

HEY! You don't insult the PS3 with that comparison

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Will MS have amazing 1st party AAA dev that can match Naughty Dog? Probably not.

Xbox One comes and now they are all about the games.
In after they sell 50M+ it will be all about kinect[again] and what the cloud can see through it.

Watching people with kinect so u can customizing ads on a paid service with ads is ugh..

Also ps3 looked sexy and xbox look like this http://www.schrankmonster.d...

But I do feel that ps4 will be lead platform most times. I hope so.

3 OS's lol.


Enemy1989d ago

The PS3 is the best console of this generation. Xbox One is the worst of next gen. How are they the same?

Wishful thinking. Too bad.

FlameHawk1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

@ Enemy, you are a typical N4Ger. Didn't even read the article. He was comparing the early days of PS3, which were terrible, if you think PS3 had a good start then you are just being a fanboy. Learn2Readthearticles. And also other things he is saying in which he does have a point for some of them.

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Bathyj1988d ago

Thats a myth Flamehawk.

PS3 had Resistance 1 which was smooth as silk and regarded by many as the best in the franchise, and Motorstorm whose graphics still hold up today.

It didnt take long for titles like Heavenly Sword and Uncharted to come along and its pretty much been no looking back since then.

Xbox was no better. It pretty much had GRAW at launch and then I bought alot of crap games between that and Gears a year later.

The only thing that was bad about the PS3 launch was the price (which I was happy to pay and never regretted it) and the embarrassing amount of FUD the media came up with trying to kill it. Hell I think it even coined the term FUD, just for PS3.

pixelsword1988d ago

Fred Tatasciore is also part of all of the voices of the B&B corps.

Ju1988d ago

PS3 got flak because of it's price, but it is/was the better console. How does this apply now, where the more expensive console is half of the PS4? How do they want to recover from that? There no squeezing of first party titles. This game will be over as soon as we will be getting real footage to compare. You can't squeeze and make up for what you don't have to begin with. PS3 had more raw power but needed ways to harness that. XBone doesn't.

CommonSense1988d ago

ND is the most overrated developer in the industry. So sick of hearing this mind-numbingly stupid statement. Their games are boring cliches with NO original ideas, and the only thing that they do well is make animated movies in the form of cut scenes. Something we've seen in FF games (and countless others) for a decade or more.

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dedicatedtogamers1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

A better comparison would be between the X1 and Saturn.

- Saturn's predecessor, the Genesis, launched way before the SNES and got a huge headstart. X1's predecessor, the 360, was the same way.
- Without said headstart, the Saturn lost a lot of the 3rd party support SEGA had gained on the Genesis. TBD if this will happen to X1.
- SEGA's reputation was damaged as it released too many add-ons (32x, CD) and ignored its fanbase. The Saturn suffered for it 360 did the same thing with Kinect and the X1 will likely suffer for it.
- Saturn was more expensive than its competitors despite having inferior hardware (in terms of certain capabilities; it was a beast for 2d animations). We all know the X1 has weaker specs on paper, and that doesn't even take into account the fact that X1 devotes 37% of its RAM to the three OSs and apps, not games, widening the gap in power even further

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Kingthrash3601989d ago


was my first thought.

JetP06191989d ago

@ iron_spider that 75+ million fanbase you speak of is somehow irrelevant at this point because TBH those people were disgruntled Ps2 owners who couldnt wait a year for the ps3's release and at the time it costs much more than xbox 360. It's different Era now. Ps4 will be the ps2 of next gen and in best case scenario it will surpass ps2's lifetime sales. mark my words.

Benchm4rk1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )


Your pretty naive to think 75 million people were disgruntled PS2 owners. I bought my Xbox 360 at launch not because I was a disgruntled PS2 owner but rather a happy Xbox owner. And price was not a factor as I paid $1800 to import my 360 from the UK as it didn't release in Australia for another 4 months

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xk771989d ago

Dude its the curse of the third generation consoles lol

xxLuckyStrike1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Ironic tho how Sony learned from xbox 360 business/launch model approach (consumer friendly) and how MS went where Sony came to regret... high launch price unproven hardware and arrogance

fsfsxii1989d ago

Maybe, but regarding the Saturn, it was Sega's forth console, genesis was the third

defyenz1985d ago

You are so right.ps3 just plain garbage. Oversized door stopper.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Pretty much.It's like bizzaro world and it's all flipped upside down.

Now Sony is the media darling and riding a tidal wave of support and MS is all doom and gloom and to expensive.

Looking at nintendo with the Wii U, Sony with the PS3 from PS2 and now the new xbox, it's weird to see how things start from scratch each new gen - regardless how successful you were the gen before.

Really tho, i think this will ultimately be one of the worst gens for Xbox.They are launching in less then half the territories PS4 is and at a higher price.Nothing but horrible PR and confusing messages.Let's be honest here, Sony botched the PS3 launch bad but they somehow,someway, through sheer brilliance or luck managed to turn it around only after years of slow steady climbing.

I honestly can't see MS doing the same.They are a very all in or fold type of company.Mattrick got the boot, leadership is up in the air with a new console set to release in a few months.This is a recipe for disaster.

B-radical1989d ago

Xbox need to put a gamer but also someone who is smart and understand what people want. Hardware cant change from here on but software and live memebership deals sure as hell can. Knowing microsoft though they will prob put a suit in charge sadly.

SegaSaturn6691989d ago

Microsoft is gonna be just fine. You clearly missed that news that Steven Spielberg will be directing a live action Halo series.

But in all seriousness, I'm gonna be very cautious about the xbone since the hardware failure rate of the 360 was so ridiculous.

PS4 is the gamer's choice. I love that they mentioned Breaking Bad during their e3 conference.

Gamerchik871989d ago

Oh my god! ! U have no life lol

GrandTheftZamboni1989d ago

So? We are gamers, aren't we?

dedicatedtogamers1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"Sony botched the PS3 launch bad but they somehow,someway, through sheer brilliance or luck managed to turn it around only after years of slow steady climbing. "

That's the thing. Sony had just won two generations in a row with two of the highest-selling games consoles of all time (a record Sony still holds) and yet it still took them years to make up for the PS3's mistakes. It has only been within the last 3 years that the general gaming populace has more or less "forgiven" Sony for the PS3 launch.

And yet people think the Xbox One will be completely fine? LOL. It's like no one looks at history anymore...

EDIT @ below

Exactly. What's even funnier is when I see comments like "Xbox One will still outsell PS4 because of brand loyalty, dude! Look how much the 360 sold!", as if the exact same argument wasn't used to 'prove' that (for example) the Wii-U and the PS3 would sell like crazy.

MysticStrummer1989d ago

"It's like no one looks at history anymore..."

It's a human thing.

Always doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, because THIS time it will be different.

Ray1861989d ago

Isn't that the definition of insanity?

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dedicatedtogamers1989d ago

@ iron_spider

If we're going to talk about history, when has the most expensive console ever won? Isn't that the boat the Xbox One is currently in? The SNES, by the way, was more powerful than Genesis and indeed managed to win, even though it launched 2 years later.

If you want to debate gaming history, you're going up against the wrong guy, especially if your only arguments are vague and overused lines like "most powerful never wins LOL!"

GribbleGrunger1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I've always found the argument about power to be facile. If you think about it logically, what you are saying is that it's only because of the fact the PS2 was weaker that it won. If it had been stronger than the XBOX, it would have lost!?

Think about it just for a moment for goodness sake. It's the company that has the most variety and the company that supports their products the longest that makes a console successful. The extra power of the PS4 is just the icing on the cake.

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TheOneEyedHound1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

You have the best life Because you are a gamer.

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-Alpha1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Xbox One= Xbox One

Though, the irony of seeing people's attitude take a 180 on some topics is funny to see, considering how some arguments that once worked this gen no longer work for next gen and vice versa.

dangert121989d ago

Don't know what the heck the author is thinking, I enjoy my PS3 alot and wanted one from day but couldn't afford one, I never remotely wanted an Xbox One but further Information revelation by microsoft further disgusted me now I am Chronically sick of MS and their XBOX's bar the Original

glennco1988d ago

The PS3 was marketed as a blu-ray player for the first year. When it wasn't selling it had an ace up its sleeve of being the only firmware upgradeably blu-ray player at the time. Blu-ray was launch as incomplete hardware, and as such the early BD players never had the ability to be upgraded to BD2.0 which bought in extra web features among other things.

No_Limit1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

PS3 = My offline gaming system for a selected few PS exclusives and my Blu Ray player.

Xbox One = My Day One purchase in November and will be my primary gaming system for Next gen!

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nRicosS1988d ago

Xbox360 = My offline gaming system for two exclusives (Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon)

PS4 = My Day One purchase and will be my primary gaming system for Next gen!


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