DS is selling better than ever

Forget the festive season – Nintendo's DS console is selling more right now than the platform holder would expect in the run-up to Christmas, according to marketing director Dawn Paine.

A full three years after its UK launch, Nintendo has told MCV that DS sales continue to increase – and the past month alone has seen sales that one would normally expect during the pre-Christmas rush.

"We're seeing completely different sales trends now," said Paine. "What we sold last week on DS is what previously would have been sold in November ­– so hopefully retail will understand that it is presenting stock challenges for us."

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killer_trap3733d ago

i don't think there is enough plastic in the world to keep up with DS sales. the sooner we establish intergalactic trade the better.

buddyro3733d ago

not surprised one bit.

KingKirchner3733d ago

I'm still puzzled as to how the DS has managed to sell so dang well. It's a pretty good system, but not THAT good. I havn't touched mine since Zelda came out.