Eurogamer's first impressions on Battlefield: Bad Company

The gap between consoles and PCs, once a yawning chasm, is now but a tiny crack. This has made dedicated PC owners wail and gnash their teeth and use phrases like "dumbing down" more often than they really should. For all their protests, many of the things that were once lynchpins of the PC scene are now just as common on the consoles. Online play is taken for granted, and people grumble if it's not there. Sadly, so is the habit of patching games after release. And now it seems that even the sacred ritual of the public beta test has become a console event. Thousands piled online to give Halo 3's multiplayer offering a trial run before release, and now EA has created another big ruckus by dishing out keys for Battlefield: Bad Company, the console-exclusive shooter based on the popular PC online title.

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TheExecutive3733d ago

i remember when the COD4 beta came out and the 360 folks were eating it up. It got a good score. Where are all the beta folks here? how is the game holding up?

rev203733d ago

Im in the beta and my opinion is once you have blown up some walls and drove around in a few vehicles, its boring i wont be buying this game.

Cod4 beta made me want cod4 this just doesnt.

Martini3733d ago

Same here - COD 4 beta was like a crack and I couldn't put it down. This beta is not like that. The review is not very accurate it takes half a clip to kill someone - feels like a halo and you can't really tell when you are getting shot at that's why it feels like you died from one shot. It has nowhere as much polish applied as COD 4 had at this stage.

Alcohog3733d ago

"The gap between consoles and PCs, once a yawning chasm, is now but a tiny crack. "

This happens early in every consoles lifespan, and you always read articles about how "PC gaming is dead". In another year, PC videogame technology will be running away again.

mistertwoturbo3733d ago

See, it's not always about graphics. It's about value.

Why keep spending $300 every year on a new graphics card that will "blow your mind" when you can just buy a 360 or PS3 and call it a day.

And if PC graphics was a deciding factor in anything, then it should have killed the PS2. But it didn't.

It's also about software, there's a lot of software available on consoles that people love, that just aren't on PCs. Like Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, God of War, SOCOM, and tons more.

Why do I list only Playstation games? Well, I would list awesome xbox games too, but they are also available on PC.

sniddles3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I really like it and i find myself playing it every night now.

The first day or two i thought it sucked and only got killed or tried to blow stuff up, only once i figured out the flow of the game did it get good.

Now i'm liking it more than COD4 to tell you the truth. I don't have COD4 the full game, but i did that beta too, and i'm having more fun with this one i think, or at least i'm playing it about the same.

I will say that the multiplayer dynamics/feel are not as good as COD4. I.e. it's harder to get a kill, character movement seems a bit more restricted and less smooth, running to walk to shoot takes forever and you're usually dead before you can get a shot off, so it's best not to run, etc...

BUT the whole aspect of vehicles and destructible environments and how it affects gameplay is just awesome and more than makes up for it. And it does pretty good at COD4 type of game too (infantry to infantry).

Ascension i'm not too big on b/c it's too dark and cramped and there arent' many vehicles, but oasis is just too much fun.

I still blow stuff up just to see it crumble and fly, it's just so satisfying...

buddyro3733d ago

there own opinion about games maybe it just didn't click for the next gamer I love Call of Duty and if a Call of Duty player says he does not like the game I am going to take his word for it. I think this is an EA game after the disappointment that Madden 07 gave me (I expected PS2 controls 4 the PS3 version of the game in HD but got an Xbox configuration I was Highly disappointed) I never looked at another EA game with the intent of buying again.

Suki033733d ago

hmmm, it wasn't that much improvement from the old battlefield. The main change was the destructible buildings. However, compared to COD4, the mechanics of this game is lacking. Knife is slow, grenade launcher doesn't kill, shotgun can one shot people from really far away, you can see enemy positions through walls (can't hide after being spotted), etc.