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NowGamer: "We put the Gran Turismo 6 demo to the test, to find out if these improvements are really worthy of a numbered sequel."

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M-M1989d ago

I hope the demo was intended to be an earlier build, because the game certainly does not look like this

Graphics aside, there are a ton of improvements over GT5.

JP13691989d ago

The physics are great and the shadows have shown definite improvement since GT5. AI is still retarded at this stage though.

gedapeleda1989d ago

It improved some but I need my smooth jazz

Dee_911989d ago

The AI is worse actually.Atleast in GT5 they where aware of you.I guess its not the final build for the AI

WarThunder1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I didn't play the demo (cause i don't own a PS3) but i was reading some demo impression on GTplanet forum and people were very happy with the new driving physics.. cars feel more natural now and lighting looks better.

I don't care about NowGamer impression or any other "professional" gaming site cause they don't even play GranTurismo with a wheel. But i know most of the guys at GTplanet play GT with a Wheel.

As for the sound: "The demo in no way represents the final sound, Kaz confirmed it, these sounds in the demo are place holders."

SolidStoner1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I really see by comments who plays GT the right way and who dont... (including childish gaming sites)

GT is a game that you can only understand after playing at least 2 versions of the game... and finishing them...

also GT without a wheel is 180 degrees other game.. it can only be playable with a wheel (you still can have fun with Dualshock..)

as for the demo.. they changed physics (in a very good way) also track graphics are improved (as far as PS3 can go..), all other things including AI, you must know that almost all time PD are cutting everything off when releasing demos or prologue.. only the final game (after 2 years of updates) :) represents the true PD product they wanted to create.. All I want now is finished GT6...

so.. improved driving in a driving game.. seems very worthwhile to me.... :)

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M-M1989d ago

My bad, I meant the demo doesn't look like this

Dee_911989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

A game in motion from a chase cam/cockpit/bumper/hood cam doesnt look like a picture from a trailer at an angle impossible to achieve while racing with a different time of day is what your trying to say

your right I guess
then again Your wrong

from gtplanet
thats the demo btw

xPhearR3dx1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


Yeah, in replay mode it looks slightly better, in-game it looks terrible compared to GT5. The grass doesn't even have a texture, it's just a green blur.

I was actually playing GT5 earlier than tried the GT6 demo. Anyone who thinks the demo is an improvement in terms of graphics, has their fanboy goggles on.

SolidStoner1989d ago


you have to admit that for PS3 it is an improvement... but yes.. now after seeing all those next gen ps4 graphics, I agree.. it looks more worse than good.. but still day 1 buy for me.. those physics saves the day!!!

SSJBen1988d ago

Photo mode/replay mode has always looked better than in-game, since GT1. Welcome to 1997?

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JohnS13131989d ago

What a stupid article. I'm not even wasting my time reading most of it. This demo is just a small part of the game. You can't look at it right now and say anything about GT6. We don't even know how old the build they used is.

tucky1989d ago

All my concerns about gt5 have been solved in this gt6 demo. GREAT GAME

showtimefolks1989d ago

mine too and its still months away from release, i think GT6 will pleasantly surprise people

windblowsagain1989d ago

Lighting is nice, shadows better, i like the new physics engine. Feels very good.

But i know this is a demo.

I don't like the new AA solution, and i noticed alot more flicker, regardless of whether you turn of flicker adjustment.


I wish they would have just updated GT5 with new physics and spent all the time making GT6 for PS4.

Aceman181989d ago

the new physics is damn good i could feel it right away. the lighting also looked great.

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