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Trading In Towards the Next-Gen (Gamersbliss)

As you may already know the next-gen consoles coming out this holiday season have a pretty hefty pricetag on them. There are ways to cut down on that price to make the sting a little more tolerable. (GameStop, PS4, Xbox)

TheSuperior  +   292d ago
Cutting the price in any way would help tremendously! I'm going to be broke.
Muerte2494  +   291d ago
PS3 update 4.46
is bricking people systems who didn't update to 4.45. The plan was to keep my ps3 but Sony has other things in mind. Don't believe me, go check the forums.
KingWookiee  +   291d ago
It is not a permanent brick like when the 360 would brick. They included a safe mode where you can upgrade to the newest firmware that fixed the issue.
Muerte2494  +   290d ago
that's just it....
4.45 was the update that bricked people's consoles. 4.46 was suppose to address this issue. Problem is Sony made 4.46 mandatory and 4.45 wasn't mandatory. I didn't update when 4.45 came out. Instead, I stayed on 4.41 (stable version). Since 4.46 was mandatory, I went straight to 4.46. Now my ps3 is freezing every 10 mins. It seems like it's only affecting blu-ray drives because all HDD games still work fine.
NpsXgamer  +   290d ago
Yes, you can find more about this on Playstation forums. I had no problems but I guess others have.
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madpuppy  +   290d ago
yeah, all my accounts have dried up so I'm not working right now, I traded in one of my 2 PS3's with a bunch of accessories, (move controllers, chargers, some games) took just about 240.00 off the price off the price of the PS4.

It's a shame though, I traded in a fatty 40gig with an upgraded seagate 320gig HD, adult owned, never dusty, the thing looked as good as it did when I bought it, I would clean it with a microfiber towel and lcd screen cleaner.

darn thing was museum quality, I hope a deserving person buys it.
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evilkillerk  +   291d ago
Keeping my 360. since it wont be backwards compatible
TheSuperior  +   291d ago
I wish it were backwards compatable so bad!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   291d ago
It would be a waste of tech.
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GreenRanger  +   291d ago
I've already sold a few games, a PSP, and my neighbor's car.
NihonjinChick  +   291d ago
Why stop at his car?
GreenRanger  +   291d ago
His car was the only thing he had left.

I had to pay back some loans recently, you see.
Heisenburger  +   290d ago
That's such a Tommy thing to do.

NihonjinChick  +   291d ago
Keeping my 360 and PS3. I keep every console I buy.
Bathyj  +   291d ago
Gonna trade my 360 but have to see if it still works.
RonRico  +   290d ago
Yeah, I got a YLOD PS3 60GB. I wonder, if I get it running again maybe GameStop will take it?
madpuppy  +   290d ago
gamestop will take non working consoles, I don't know how much they will give you for it, but I guess it is better than nothing.
SolidDuck  +   291d ago
Enjoyed every second of the last of us, and then I traded my ps3 and games in. Put 100 down on ps4 and bought a wii u. Wii u didn't have a good start, but long term I think the ps4-wii u will be an excellent combination. I'm not a Nintendo guy, I'm way more in sony's camp. But the wii u is really fun, it's lacking some standout games, but I'm very impressed with it so far. I'm loving monster hunter and Nintendoland.
Sarobi  +   290d ago
I began trading early this year. I figured if I wasn't playing any of the older games and platinumed/beat them several times already.. why not just make space and cut the price.
No_Limit  +   290d ago
I am keeping all my games and systems. I have over 150 Xbox1 games and 40 PS3 games and I still haven't touch a bunch of them yet. Looking back, I still haven't touch some of my PS2 games as well. :)
Smoey  +   290d ago
I traded my PS3 in a couple of days ago (160gb Slim) and got £100 (£80 + £20 PS4 Deposit) plus then loads of money. Bring on the PS4!
Angrymorgan  +   290d ago
I usually always trade in when new consoles are due. But im keeping my ps3 for gta 5..........unless its announced and released for ps4 at the same time.
stonecold3  +   290d ago
keeping my ps3 and going to put my ps4 beside it ?
trading in wiiU? lol
BabyTownFrolics  +   290d ago
I'm gonna trade. In my 360, ps3, and about 25 games when the ps4 releases. That should cover the remaining cost of my ps4 (after my 100 deposit) and hopefully cover the cost of killzone and bf4 for the Xbox one. I preordered the Xbox one from the ms store.

I have been selling back my consoles to pay for next gen since the ps1.
TheGrimBunny  +   290d ago
this is important, I dunno where the future is headed...
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   290d ago
I will be preordering my console, but I won't do any trade-ins. I have have kept all of my games and consoles as collector items. Great advice nonetheless.
DEEBO  +   290d ago
i had the old elite 360 with the kinect,120 gig harddrive and a spare vita charge cord.use a 50% trade coupon and the extra 30% you get when you trade towards ps4.and before that,i just traded some games in for the 100 dollar down.only thing i have left to pay on the ps4 is just a 140 dollars.i refuse trade the ps3 and wiiu.

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