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Submitted by SwitchInput 881d ago | opinion piece

Timeless or Trash: Sonic The Hedgehog

Before the 16-bit wars between Sega and Nintendo, the former struggled to find a mascot to rival The Big N’s Mario. Sega tried to compete with the NES with the Master System, using Alex Kidd as their go-to mascot. The Alex Kidd games were good, but the character didn’t catch on. At the end of the Master System’s life cycle, it released Sonic The Hedgehog. Sega then decided to get a two-year jump on Nintendo’s SNES by releasing the Sega Genesis, with an updated version of Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic and the Genesis’ popularity exploded, and thus the 16-bit wars began. (Retro)

DivineAssault  +   881d ago
2D is timeless.. 3D is trash
PopRocks359  +   881d ago
Sonic Generations begs to differ. As do the Adventure games.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   881d ago
Dont forget Sonic colors. And it looks like Sonic Lost world is gonna be good to. So far it looks like 3D sonic is hitting its stride.
DivineAssault  +   881d ago
generations was OK.. The sonic adventures were OK as well.. Not timeless.. But i guess not trash either.. I think once the adventure series came out, they started putting all these stupid characters in it & it went downhill.. 2D versions were the best & the rest are forgettable
LOL_WUT  +   881d ago
Sonic and Mortal Kombat ;)
onyoursistersback  +   881d ago
back than when i played Sonic, i loved the....


at the load screen of the game,

that's what dreams are made of.
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Heisenburger  +   881d ago
That and the psx start-up sound.

It makes me giggle to myself.
GreenRanger  +   881d ago
Inb4 'Timeless Trash'.
bullymangLer  +   881d ago
deno  +   881d ago
Masterpiece game!!!
Varzoth  +   881d ago
Good because it laid the groundwork for the 2D Sonics, but it has always been too difficult for me so I never actually beat it. Guess I suck?
greedybear88  +   881d ago

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