What the creation of Mirror’s Edge taught the new CCP hire about the possibilities of EVR

The PA Report: "'I’ve been here a whole six hours,' Sean Decker said, laughing, after I asked about the differences between the corporate culture at EA and CCP. Decker used to be the GM of DICE, both before and after the acquisition by EA. He’s now SVP of product development for CCP, which is an interesting position within the company. CCP was, for a long time, the EVE Online company. Now they’re dealing not only with EVE Online, but launching the console-only first-person shooter DUST 514, not to mention the upcoming World of Darkness MMO.

Suddenly CCP is a company with a lot on its plate, and Decker will play a large role in making sure the company doesn’t buckle under its own weight. So I had to ask… when the hell are we going to see EVR turn into a full game?"

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