Xbox One: forgive & forget?

Metro - As GC already alluded to I previously wrote a feature that, in light of Microsoft’s unprecedented U-turn on Wednesday – or 180 which is the trend du jour – my rally call to boycott Xbox One is no longer applicable. Or is it? I shall come to that in due course. Do understand I wasn’t attempting a William Wallace style call to arms, and there was absolutely no mention of ‘freedom’. In summary, I attempted to provide justifiable reasons why we shouldn’t support Xbox One, with the aim to help intensify the pressure on Microsoft.

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solidmic1965d ago

No!!!! In fact people should demand much more from these greedy sob's while they are on the ropes. They've been gouging gamers for years!

aLucidMind1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Much of what gamers must demand must be done by speaking with our wallets. If we just demand it right now rather than let it be a gradual process, it could lead to gamers being incorrectly perceived as self-entitled pricks trying to bully the poor, poor corporations into respecting their customers and rewarding them for their loyalty. Which is exactly what many producers, developers, and Microsoft wants to happen because then they can just ignore our voice because they're too focused on short-term gain rather than long-term profit.

ZBlacktt1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

How can you forgive and forget. The XBox 360 was rushed out the door with a well known defect and cause a massive fail rate. One that marked the greatest fail rate of all time. To now this whole XBox One mess. The only reason there is no DRM and 24hr online is because Sony said it was not going to do that to it's gamers. Other wise you bet it would still be in place. Now the guy who delivered all that bad news in the first place is now jumping ship.... what a train wreck it has become.

No fanboy speak people. No one should put up with this kind of nonsense. No matter what company it is.

Kingthrash3601965d ago

I agree...I look at it like I do all businesses......if I go to a restaurant and find a middle finger in my cat fish sandwich, im not gunna go back there...even if they promise my food will be finger free and its under new management....I will need some references to even consider the thought of forgiving.

ZBlacktt1965d ago

I agree and laughed at the example given. :D

n4rc1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Ummm... Forgive what?

u people seem to forget that as usual, its the vocal minority that is listened to.

Many people had no issue with what ms was doing.. Don't act like the whole world felt screwed over..

Most complaints are bullshit debunked rumors spread by fanboys.. The rest is only applicable to a small portion of consumers.. But happy consumers generally don't take to the internet

24h check for diskless play? Awesome.. Haven't been without internet in over a decade..

Kinect is part of the system, not a add on.. Can be turned off but has to be connected to stop kids from trying to sell them.. Also keeps them from having to sell them.

Poor indi support.. Who cares really? They suck 99% of the time.. They don't want their store flooded with fart apps and porn..

You can go on and on

shivvy241964d ago

If you wish to bend over , please wait in line !

B1uBurneR1965d ago

Forgive and remember just don't act as if things didn't get fixed afterwards. 1billion dollars for repair is nothing to scuff at. plus a several remodeled version to fix the issue. we as gamers can't deny that dmr was to help game developers to maximize revenue now we all disagree with the approach do we all disagree with the idea to help out devs?

iceman061964d ago

The issue with your statement is as follows. Developers don't directly see ANY extra money unless it is negotiated up front. It is the PUBLISHERS that stood to gain from extra revenue. For Xbox, that would mostly be third parties like EA and Activision. The 1 billion dollars was nothing to scoff at. But, know that this was far from a "kind" gesture. It was to keep a more costly class action suit from going to fruition.
I'm all for helping the devs to stay afloat. I buy mostly new games. The money that I get from games goes towards more new games. But I am not at the cost of a basic and essential element of the industry...and that is choice.

JBSleek1965d ago

Forgive? Well no even though I find forgiving or not forgiving a consumer electronic strange.

Forget? Easily. Of course people will forget. In the coming months who cares about any of this(talking about the majority). People in general usually care when something happens for a month or so and let it wither away.

Godmars2901965d ago

Would have had to trust them with my "gaming experience" in the first place.

Something I honestly haven't done since the first Xbox.

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