What Xbox boss Don Mattrick’s exit means for Xbox One

VB - The Xbox One will get on just fine without Don Mattrick.

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dedicatedtogamers1964d ago

It means very little other than the fact that we won't have to deal with comments like "no online? Buy a 360"

The focus on Kinect is still in place. Xbox execs like Yusuf "TvTvTv" Mehdi are still a part of the Xbox brand. The $400 million "unprecedented partnership" with the NFL is still there. Kinect is still required.

And most of all, Ballmer (who appointed Mattrick back in 2007) is still CEO of Microsoft. All indications point to the fact that Ballmer - not Mattrick - was the one who mandated the Xbox's shift to being an all-in-one brand in the first place.

darthv721964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

is there something wrong with making an all in one box? lets take ms out of the equation and look at the idea. a box that does entertainment as a whole for gaming, movies, tv, sports and social interaction.

the idea is solid but where many find fault is in the company behind it. if this was apple or google or valve or nintendo or even sega we would likely be more receptive.

would you not agree?

edit. I did not put sony in that list because they are essentially making their own all in one box. so there is some validity to the original idea.

dedicatedtogamers1964d ago

@ darthv72

"is there something wrong with making an all-in-one box?"

There's nothing inherently wrong, of course not. However, the concept has been attempted since the NES era (paging Dr. Com64) and it has not once worked out to the benefit of gaming. Ever.

I'm pragmatic. I tend to believe that when it comes to consumer products, the simplest answers are usually the best, and when it comes to a game console, the game console that emphasizes games the most is the console I pick. Sure, extra features will sneak their way in there. That's the world we live in.

And to answer your last uestion (what if it was Apple or Valve or Sony etc?), I would still say no. I buy consoles to buy games. If the features are there (like Blu Ray for PS3) so be it, but as a consequence I waited several years before I bought a PS3 until the games showed up. In contrast, I bought a Wii Day One and I've never regretted that, because Wii aimed to be a game console and it succeeded right from the start.

The Great Melon1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )


Sony was originally marketing PS3 as you all-in-one device at the beginning of the generation. I don't think they hold that ideal as adamantly anymore. Sure, Netflix streaming is on there, but that is a matter of convenience. Few outside of techies and gamers have PCs attached to their TVs in the family room equivalent.

I personally don't think all-in-one hardware devices will really ever exist. Software platforms on the other hand will define the all-in-one device regardless of being open or closed hardware. We already see with Windows, Android, and the Mac ecosystems. Microsoft has the right idea with what they want Windows to be, but once the Xbox is Windows what need is there for an Xbox? I would just buy a PC.

Microsoft really just wishes that Xbox and Windows would fuse overnight.

MikeyDucati11964d ago

It means someone else is stepping in. Ha, you're doing MS's work by placing the sole blame on DM.

Timesplitter141964d ago

it means everything ain't fine and dandy up in microsoft HQ

dazzrazz1964d ago

It means I'm still switching to PS4..... :)

Mikeyy1964d ago

It means the Xbox division lacks, vision.

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