An all-digital future with Sony and Microsoft would mean death to fair prices

VB - This past weekend, as we returned home from a close friend’s wedding, my wife and I had a discussion about the future of console gaming. We focused on why the used-games market exists and the inevitability of an all-digital gaming world.

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TheSaint1990d ago

Not even remotely the sane, get educated.

xBigxBossx1990d ago

Digital would lean to cheaper games.

mydyingparadiselost1990d ago

People should read an article before commenting...

JohnS13131990d ago

If all games were digital only the prices could finally go down. The only reason digital games still cost the same as disc games is to keep the stores from complaining. If they got that problem out of the way they could drop prices.

Gamerchik871990d ago

Cause M.S was really doing it for the dev/pub......everybody knows they hate the used market and piracy. Im sure they lose alot money its a known fact the video game industry is a losing market:/ renting games is probably the worst u only pay so much a month and get any game for as long as u want and never pay full price :( that's practicality legal steeling. I feel bad for developers:( they work hard for their talents only for big companies to get most of the benefits

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