Ted Price Talks Sunset Overdrive, The Cloud And Xbox One Policy

GI:Insomniac CEO Ted Price opens up about the fun world of Sunset Overdrive.

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friedricr1968d ago

Never would i thought to ever see this man on an XBOX E3 stage .... kinda shocked about the sunset overdrive exclusive ..

shivvy241968d ago

they said they own the ip so they could pull an ea/bioware thing , on their facebook page i asked them if any possible future titles could me multiplat and they said yes

Thunderhawkxbox1967d ago

Just remember if Microsoft want to Keep it exclusive they will do it like they did with gears of war

abzdine1967d ago

@Thunderhawkxbox: the game has to be good before they want to keep it as exclusive but when i look at the last 3 games they made i wouldn't say that. IG follows the money, that's ok but that's gonna ruin them for good

JD_Shadow1967d ago

But since they own the IP, Insomniac has the final say, and if they want to maximize their profits from a game, then they will do that in any way possible. If the game becomes successful, then it's not like they will be like "well, this game is doing real well, we should take whatever MS throws at us and ignore any other platform for our product". Doesn't work that way!


the money my's all about the money!

lukeb4dunk1968d ago

I was too, but still no way as shocking as Gabe coming out for Sony a few years ago.

cell9891967d ago

no this was more shocking to me

Eddie201011968d ago

I hope there new game is good and does well but it looks like a brighter version of Brink and that was kinda mediocre.

ps3rider1967d ago

anyway the title sucks.

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Fireseed1968d ago

Can't wait for this and other big world multiplayer games

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The story is too old to be commented.