The Walking Dead Season 1 on PlayStation Vita Won’t Feature Cross Buy, Season 2 Releasing This Fall

The PlayStation Vita version of The Walking Dead Season 1 and 400 Days is still expected in August, with Laura Perusco, Community Lead at Telltale Games, revealing that they “should have more news about the PS Vita release next month!” - PSLS

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Vitalogy1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

My reaction exactly :(

Making it cross buy would bring more people into the game for those who haven't tried yet and hopping for season 2. I guess they decided to go on the 'milking cow' route.

I guess I'll stick with the ps3 version and skip the vita.

TrendyGamers1903d ago

Hmm, might skip the Vita version then.

himdeel1903d ago

Since I never purchased the last there episodes Im still amped for the Vita version.

guitarded771903d ago

yeah, I already played through on console. It's not really a game that you replay. But totally worth the first play through. But if anyone hasn't played it, the Vita may be the way to go. Or if they want a second easy platinum.

jjb19811903d ago

I might play this one now