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Gi - Watch Dogs E3 Impressions

Gi - For anyone who had seen Ubisoft‘s brief and seductively fast-paced intro at 2012′s E3 conference, it would seem that Watch Dogs was soon to become one of the most in demand and highly discussed upcoming titles for next-gen consoles. Now only a year later, an action-packed and graphically intense teaser trailer only further solidified that role for a title that’s being said to be completely redefining the prospect and meaning of the concept of open world gaming. (PC, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox One)

BiggCMan  +   442d ago
This game looks so freaking good, and that's before graphics are even mentioned!! I can't wait to start this game up and see those graphics though, next gen starting with a BANG!!

My face when I see those graphics in person...

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