10 reasons Animal Crossing is the most Canadian game ever made

GamesRadar - Canadians are a fun a bunch. They like to talk about hockey, ice fishing, and plaid. Plus, they love to stuff their mouths full of beaver tails and poutine. Those wacky Canadians sure love to enjoy hot cups of cocoa from Tim Hortons, as they sit around the campfire singing "O Canada." As we wonder how their digestive systems are holding up, what's even more fascinating is that there are actually a lot of similarities between our friends in the frigid white north and the world of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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exfatal1990d ago

lol im pretty sure the beaver they mentioned is a badger. my only complaint about the article as a canadian

Wenis1990d ago

I thought he is a walrus

loretta12mazur1990d ago

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IcicleTrepan1990d ago

I've never heard anyone ever talk about plaid here. You just buy it or you don't.

CaptainYesterday1989d ago

Yup pretty much nailed it, I'm Canadian and I do all those things all of the time....