US PlayStation Store Update

PSBlog - "Summer Blast sale discounts, Velocity Ultra on PS Vita, The Walking Dead: 400 Days on PS3, and more are now live on PSN. Go get 'em!"

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HeavenlySnipes1988d ago

I have $5.04 in my SEN wallet

Should I get Shadow of Colossus, Mortal Kombat or the new Walking Dead DLC

(Also don't want to buy something now and have a better deal come up later)

wolokowoh1988d ago

Out of those. Shadow of the Colossus for me but it depends on your preference. Unless SotC or MK go free for PS+(MK is more likely), it's doubtful you'll get a better price. I would wait on the 400 days dlc because of some minor bugs they're already patching out plus there could be price change/sale eventually.