Ouya talks Xbox One and PlayStation 4: 'The business model hasn't changed...'

Guardian - Kickstarter-funded Android console launching with 150 games and disruptive ambitions for the big guns of the games industry.

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V0LT1992d ago

I own one and its not god awful. If they could just get a few decent updates under their belt to improve some things as well as a better interface it will do just fine. Right now the games that are on it are mediocre..

IcicleTrepan1992d ago

The thing that scares me off of this console is the horrible customer service that's going on with it. I had a preorder (not backer) and I realized I wasn't going to get it in April like promised and luckily I was able to cancel it - it still took a week for them to do it, but this was just before they started having huge delays (weeks and weeks) before answering emails etc. Now after seeing what my friends have gone through, I'm not so sure I'd reward them for it.