Talking Point: So EA - I Thought You Said the Frostbite Engine and Wii U = Boom?

... "However making Frostbite 3 work on the Wii U is not impossible. Where there are gamers, we’ll be there as well. This is the true meaning of “omnidirectional”."

Um....Excuse me? But what happened to this?

It's amazing how much EA has been switching gears when it comes down to Nintendo and the Wii U this year. From the grand proclamation of an "unprecedented partnership" - to the big, fat claim "We're not making games for Wii U" - to the other claim "We are making games for Wii U, just not for this year." Now EA has backtracked on one of it's biggest claims yet...but that leaves the question - why'd they say the opposite in the first place?
It's beyond me as to what kind of pot EA has been smoking this year. They've been up-down-and-round with their claims when it comes down to the Wii U and Nintendo. Why? I really wish I knew.

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PopRocks3591963d ago

EA's full of crap, as I and several others have already said a number of times in the past.

mudmax1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Yeah. I'm surprised they let criterion put as much effort into most wanted u as they did. Nice bubbles BTW poprocks

Triforce0791962d ago

WiiU NFS looks better than that new one on xbox one and ps4 ect ????

LOL_WUT1963d ago

The Frostbite 3 engine could technically run on the Wii U but it'll have to be optimized for that console and it most likely won't be able to support all the little features 1080p with 60fps. ;)

Neonridr1962d ago

I would be surprised to see the PS4/XB1 versions run at 1080p/60fps unless some sacrifices were made to the effects, aliasing, etc..

But if they can get FB3 running on the 360/PS3, then there is absolutely no reason they can't get it up and running on the Wii U. Not WANTING to get it up and running is a different story..

TekoIie1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

"Not WANTING to get it up and running is a different story.."

Thats the real issue. I have to say though I understand BF4 not releasing on Wii U. But Battlefront 3 and Mirrors Edge?

I see a market for those games! Just look at Rogue Squadron back in the day. It was exclusive to N64/GCN and sold pretty damn well... Y'know while we're on the subject Rogue squadron HD remake EA?

Triforce0791962d ago

If wiiu can support CryEngine3 at max like shadow of eternals devs have stated and shown full dx11 effects in place on wiiu,then it sure as hell can support Frostbite3 at max with zero optimizing.

BosSSyndrome1962d ago

And i guess you're a dev whose worked with the engine and knows wtf you're talking about.

1963d ago
deadeyes1963d ago

As long as l get Battlefront 3 , thats all l care about. Oh Bungie, give me a Destiny game too.. Or hopefully " X" lives up to the hype... .One more thing, Mario Kart !

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