Newspaper offers cash for anti-games story

MCV: In one of the more unbelievable media twists to come in the aftermath of last week's Byron Review, a national newspaper is offering readers 'hundreds of pounds' to confess that games pushed them into a life of crime.

An advert encouraging readers to 'pitch' their story to the newspaper has appeared on an 'online talent community' – which promotes opportunities for aspiring actors and musicians to raise their profile

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Captain Tuttle3644d ago

Is this a NewsCorp. publication?

BeaArthur3644d ago

This is pathetic. Besides whos to say someone won't just make up the story to make a little extra money?

Fishy Fingers3644d ago

The rag mags are always offering a few quid for readers stories, it's not big news and wont effect our beloved gaming in anyway so don't get pi**ed. It'll end up being some small ass article on page 28, probably after 27 pages of "Britney Watch!"

zZ Lazy Zz3644d ago

I've emailed starnow pointing out the attention their job advert is receiving from game sites. This type of stuff really bugs me. I think gamers need to stike back against these people like we did with that stupid woman on Fox.

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The story is too old to be commented.