Alex Hinkley “Developers Make Too Much” Explained

Alex Hinkley, the Ex-Examiner writer tells his side of the story. If you live under a rock, then you missed the uproar he caused with his article. Writing about how developers are overpaid has cost Alex his writing job. decided it was time to part ways with Alex. This was after developers contacted Examiner and expressed their distaste for the piece. Alex stands by his sources and believes in his facts. He agreed to be a part of the show today and give his side of things in detail. Addressing critics and standing by your work will get you far. It will also get you fired.

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NYC_Gamer1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

This shows how much gaming journalism is screwed when developers/publishers can get writers fired over articles

azazel6651963d ago

Totally agree. Whether you agree with Hinkley or not, publishers shouldn't have the power to get someone fired because they didn't like what he wrote. Examiner should have simply tasked another writer with writing a counter article.

themultitap1963d ago

As I said, he sent me the Skype message and I really didn't believe the news of his termination. Publsihers/ developers think they have us by the balls.

SilentNegotiator1963d ago

Publishers have too much power over gaming journalism. Mostly because they do the advertisement space buying that pays the journalist's bills. It's a very flawed system.

The_KELRaTH1963d ago

You can see why in the UK "freedom of the press" is considered so important as getting fired just because publishers don't like it is ridiculous.

It does rather give a good insight into why so many game reviews are good and seem to completely ignore all the various code errors.

avonkalgon1958d ago

This is what happens when your not good good at your job, you make stuff up, and pull numbers out of your ass. It has nothing to do with publishers, just science fiction writers trying to pass off their fairy tales as journalism. Honestly this guy should have never been hired in the first place.

azazel6651957d ago

All the numbers are cited from verifiable third party sources. They were not pulled out of anybody's a--. The content o the article was approved by the publication and they said the only reason for the firing was due to complaints from publishers and developers.

Also, you spelled you're wrong.