April Showers? PS3 Attitude Big Three

Once again, it's that time of the month where PS3 Attitude run down the three titles you really have to seek out in the coming month.

As a quick reminder, the PS3 Attitude Big Three takes in UK and European release dates only and is for titles that will be released in April.

So let's get started - what should you spend your money on this month? And will April shower us with new releases (see what we did there?)...

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Fishy Fingers3759d ago

Aprils all about GTA for me, i really dont have time (or money) for anything else, over the last week I picked up UT3 and GT5p and im having difficulty juggling them with COD4 as it is.

ar3759d ago

Swedish release date for GTA IV: 2008-04-29
God dammit! >:(

Shortstop3759d ago

What, you want it earlier than North America?! :D

ar3759d ago

My mistake. Everyone talking about April being all about GTA IV made me assume the US release date was sett to the beginning of April.

On the other hand. Yes I think it's out turn to get something first. ;)

HelloBabe693759d ago

i'm not an adult but i'm still buying GTA IV.

sandip7873759d ago

thats kind of the reason why people want these games banned

The Wood3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

ive seen older gta's being played by kids. That's just dumb and irresponsible on the part of parents/carers/retailers, whoever. Spike Lee put parody's of violent games and their influence to kids in both 'clockers' and the 'inside man'. We can complain all we want about people who know nothing about our gaming world making noise but there's no smoke without fire. These games are not for kids.

KS19853759d ago

I undersatnd GTA IV and Condemed 2 being the big hitters in April. But I already have Euro 2008 (aka FIFA 08).

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