SWTOR Growing Pains: Improvements From The End Game POV

Views and suggestions from an End Game raider to improve SWTOR.

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ScubbaSteve1968d ago

I can never get into these F2P games that want you to pay money for races and classes. Starting out I don't even know what I want to play and they're already limiting my choices. I just uninstalled it the moment I saw that and it's not the only time I've done that in a game like this.

ATi_Elite1968d ago

SWTOR is a great example of the power of PC Gaming!

The dam game should be DEAD but somehow has appealed to enough Gamers to be a money maker.

EA totally BOTCHED SWTOR but some how it still manages to make CA$H.

I hate the game but I can't deny it's fun factor to others.

May the Force be with you!