1st Fully Featured FPS for the iPhone Released

This FPS game allows you to play it in either portrait or landscape mode. The controls are on the lower left side(could be a little bigger). . .and the fire/jump buttons are on the lower right side.

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this is so stupid , anyone playing games on there flippin phone is an idiot ..there i said it

solidt123763d ago

this does not look fun. I will stick with my PSP. There is nothing like the feedback you receive from hitting an actual button.

GCNSeanFoster3763d ago

yeah... does not look very good... i'll stick with my PSP and DS Lite...

omni_atlas3763d ago

they need to make a iphone controller-slot-in then we'll be set. Apple should officially release one so we know that there're being serious about gaming on the iphone. Controlling via the touchscreen is a joke.

BattleAxe3763d ago

just buy a PSP. The frame rates were terrible on there and the graphics were poor.

omni_atlas3763d ago

graphics were poor because the poor bloke was probably only trying to demonstrate the capability.

have you seen Spore on the iPhone?

SuperSaiyan43763d ago

Booooooooooooring! I have an iTouch and its for music and some other stuff not for games, I have a mobile phone for well making phone calls and texting not listening to music.

Oh and then you have the option of purchasing a PSP or DS Lite for playing games on the go.

Now if you make a device do everything i.e. an iPhone for music, phone and games then well your battery is going to die pretty quickly only to be crying when you need the battery for an important call or something...

I say stick to seperate devices.

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