Time to Call EA Out On Their Stance Regarding the Wii U

SuperPhillip Central writes, "One of the nice things about being an independent game site is that we can do articles that the big boys would shudder to post on their sites. This editorial is one of those. For months now, EA executives and personnel have been making the PR rounds for interviews regarding their present situation and future releases. One system that will not be seeing any of the latter is the Wii U, something quite damning for Nintendo's desperately struggling system. However, one piece of information that EA always seem to mention regarding the system is the quality of their releases for the Wii U."

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Gr811989d ago

Piece. Guy is on the $$

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1989d ago

Time to Call NINTENDO Out On Their Stance Regarding the Wii U

Were the games at??

Summons751989d ago

96 games confirmed for this year alone and well over 20 out currently.....try harder troll.

jcnba281989d ago

Where the games at you say? For rest of 2013:

- Super Mario 3d Land
- Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze
- Pikmin 3
- Wonderful 101
- Sonic Lost World
- Zelda Wind Waker Remake
- Watch_Dogs
- Rayman Legends
- Splinter Cell: Blacklist
- Batman: Arkham Origins
- Assassins's Creed 4
- COD: Ghosts

Plus a load of indie titles.

The "Wii U got no games" ship has sailed son.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1989d ago


Well I guess I can't talk next gen is not here yet
still getting goty material from sony devs.

What do u call someone who gives u weak hardware for for $50 less than Next gen hardware with a HDD, blu ray, better gpu/cpu and 7 times the ram for games?

A troll? no?


Sincere01211989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

What do you call someone who charges $50 extra for a console with average games that cant compete with any of nintendo's games, Charge you to play online and has no backwards compatibilty or innovation apart from a little screen on the controller that they have again copied from nintendo.

You call them dellusional. lol

Next Gen started last year! Wii U is number 1! Get used to it cause Nintendo is here to stay whether you fanboys like it or not.

LOL_WUT1989d ago

@Jcnba28 I can get half of those games on other platforms so? ;)

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-Mika-1989d ago

The software sales for those 4 titles were beyond horrible. Also EA looked at how other third party publishers performed on the system and again. Other third parties sales were not good. ZombiU did not sell well at all and that was a huge exclusive for the WiiU. I don't even think the game reached 500k sales.

You guys need to stop thinking EA is half-assing ther efforts on the WiiU. They genuinely tried but sales weren't at their expectations. The same goes for other third party publishers.

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Prime_281989d ago

They genuinely tried? Did you even read the article?

Phil321989d ago

I appreciate your comment, -Mika-, but it's obvious in your constant overzealous campaign to troll Nintendo no matter what (almost a very scary hatred for an anonymous company) that you didn't even read the article.

bobacdigital1989d ago

The last time EA genuinely tried on a Nintendo platform was BOOMBLOX.

I am not naive .. I understand that Nintendo consumers aren't HUGE EA fans and generally don't flock to the WII U for the next Madden. But their lack of effort, timing, and pricing affects their image in the eyes of potential consumers..

What does it say for the image of your company if you are releasing half baked games on one platform at a higher price than the others.. How is someone suppose to know if the next game is going to be of higher quality?

Theyellowflash301989d ago

Was ZombiU a good game Mika? Cause it has like a 73% on Metacritic right now.

bobacdigital1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

You do realize that the Wii U has an install base of less than 4 million? Did you expect a late port of Madden or Mass 3 to sell 2 to 3 million copies when Nintendoland and New Super Mario U only sold 1-2 million each?

A good game like Halo and or COD attach at a rate of 10 to 20% on an install base of 77 Million... Zombie U not including digital copies sold roughly 400k (according to vchartz).. Which is in line with what COD and HALO attach at on the respective consoles.

EA does have a point in that when the install base grows then the number of potential consumers will grow as well..

Only problem with that scenario is if the base knows that all your titles coming to that platform are crap... Everyone knows EA doesnt try so why should we TRY and trust them when they release titles?

BosSSyndrome1989d ago

Uh dude. Zombiu sold Extremely well. Considering the user base of wii u, Zombiu has a higher attach ratio than god of war 3. gtfo.

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bobacdigital1989d ago

It is pretty obvious that EA from day one wanted to DRM and put Origin on anything it could get it hands on. Nintendo was eager enough to listen through the process of developing Nintendo Network. EA is and has been bitter ever since Nintendo decided that it was financially and professional in their best interests not to relinquish control of its online infrastructure to EA.

The way EA has treated Nintendo since its "unprecedented" partnership is flat out shameful and unprofessional and has come FULL CIRCLE...

-Mika-1989d ago

Can you please stop with the conspiracy theories. There is zero proof to support your theory.

Theyellowflash301989d ago

And you need to stop defending EA's efforts on Wii U. They didn't try. You can't release gimped ports at full price and expect to sell a lot. Get a clue troll

dark-hollow1989d ago

The evidence is Fifa 14 for an example well launch on every platform under the sun EXCEPT the Wii u.

Nintendo 3DS
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation Vita
Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
Xbox One

I mean seriously? 3ds, PSP, vita, smartphones and the ps2 but NOT the Wii u???

Prime_281989d ago

The last line says it all. Good read.

thief1989d ago

The funny thing is that his comment on the NFS game, that it was priced too high and released too ate, applies to the wii u itself. Nintendo brought out a next gen console 7 years after the competitors, when Sony and MS were about to release far more advanced products.

It seems the author expected developers to come out with expensive new franchises fr the wii u, when they have already moved onto PS4 and xbone. Do you see any new franchises or great new titles for the Ps3 or 360? And why should they spend money on porting the entire mass effect trilog, when everyone who wanted to play that title as already done so?

Simply put, it's not ea's fault, it's Nintendo. They abandoned gamers for casuals, who bought up their gimmicky overpriced wii. Unfortunately, those gamrs and developers targeting them have moved on, and the casuals are not buying the wii u in the same numbers.

dark-hollow1989d ago

What mind boggling logic! If they don't release high quality third party games, then how do they expect their shitty late lazy ports to do well?

Sega is doing well. Ubisoft zombieU sold 500k which is very great for a console of 3-4 million fan base, and even Nintendo games sells well because they are QUALITY GAMES! heck the new super Mario Bros U sold 2 million which is almost HALF of the fan base bought it.

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