First trailer: Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One

Square Enix has released the first promotional video of Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One. The video doesn't feature any real time footage, but rather pretty CGI and beautiful music.

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killer_trap3671d ago

yep, looks very promising. the DS just keeps the great RPG games coming. hopefully home systems will follow soon.

edit: forgot about lost odyssey, but still thats only one game. i need more

Delriach3671d ago

>.< For the DS. I wasn't expecting that. I haven't bought a game for that system in a while... So I guess that's good.

MrWonderful3671d ago

i already own this on psx and psp

gano3671d ago

I jus wish it was for psp, but it will be classic.

PS360WII3670d ago

Yeah DS does just keep getting those awesome RPGs doesn't it?