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Tretton: PlayStation Vita's Got a Dedicated Fanbase, It's Just Not Big Enough

Push Square: "While it’s now host to a pretty strong selection of games, the PlayStation Vita is still struggling to garner the commercial success that it probably deserves. Hardware numbers are catastrophically low, and it’s failing to secure big third-party brands as a result. Despite this, SCEA president Jack Tretton believes that there’s still a big market for the device – irrespective of the growing dominance of smartphones and tablets." (PS Vita)

dedicatedtogamers  +   636d ago
At least Sony is aware of the problem instead of sugar-coating it.

And no, Remote play with the PS4 isn't going to make sales skyrocket. Sony needs to invest some time, talent, and money into the Vita if they want to keep it alive.
darthv72  +   636d ago
one idea....
more cross buy promotions. I like how some ps3 games can contain the vita version as part of the deal.

Sony will likely make a ps4/vita bundle to help promote both platforms in one nice convenient package.
RiPPn  +   636d ago
They need to get more RPGs on the system, it's the reason I picked up a 3DS and I'm sure many others as well.

Putting console sized games on a handheld like Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, seems like the wrong direction IMO.
sdozzo  +   636d ago
Protagonist  +   636d ago

Good you wrote "IMO" cause many PS Vita gamers seems to go for "console sized games on a handheld" and the hype for Killzone/PS Vita prooves PS Vita gamers want more of that type of games.
Me personally, I would love the JP devs to localize their RPG´s, but as they say: It does not sell in the west.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss: 940.000
Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified: 740.000
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation: 690.000
clearelite  +   636d ago
Yeah the 3DS is selling extremely well(like the Vita should be also) so I think in saying"growing dominance of phones" they used improper wording. Considering it may end up being one of the best selling hendhelds ever. I hope Vita manages to catch up a bit.
user5575708  +   636d ago
theres just not enough software to justify a purchase especially at $250. they do need more RPG's like the PSP had but they also need titles like grand theft auto and gran turismo to help move sales. and they really could have used a call of duty game that wasn't completely awful like black ops declassified

and for others like me that prefer the niche RPG's from japan we need the people that love the mainstream games because if they don't make console purchases then we don't get the games we want due to low install base
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GiggMan  +   636d ago
Honestly remote play is not enough for most people. I'd only consider it if it came in a bundle. I'm just not in to mobile gaming and when there is time normally your cell phone will suffice. My son got a Vita last christmas and he loves it. I will definitely try it out just to see how it works.
WhiskyWhiskers  +   636d ago

Well said. I truly believe the Vita will actually pick up later on and sell just as much as the 3DS eventually, when I can't say it may be long ways off but I know it can.

I mean if it has already sold 5 million units with this little interest and The 3DS is what over 30 million units now in about 3 years. To think the Vita can't at least get that in 10 years just doesn't add up.

Will it surpass the 3DS I can't say but to seriously say it never will I think is being very close minded. 3DS had a horrible start, it was over priced, had no games really and look at it now. Why can't the Vita have the same success?

Unless you can predict the future you can't say it will or will not but it seems much more likely it will become successful if it has already sold 5 million units with this little interest in the device and it still has another 8 and 1/2 years of Vita games to come out. Knowing Sony since they are still pushing out PSP games, the Vita lifespan will be longer than just 10 years in total.

Sony is not one to give up on a system no matter how poorly it does. So for those of you expecting them to just discontinue the Vita you must be off your rocker. They know damn well it is actually the best handheld gaming device in the world currently. So why would they just toss that in the bin?

PS3 did just as horrible if not far worse than both the 3DS and PS Vita and it has become the number one selling console around. I mean do people think about this stuff? Cause I do. Not only that but it is has some of the highest rated games in the industry to boot.

Just please give the PS Vita some damn time before you be so judgmental.
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remanutd55  +   636d ago
Price cut, Memory price cut, introduction of a 64GB memory card, steady release of AAA titles of all genres, new Apps, ps4 remote play, more online multiplayer games.
bothebo  +   636d ago
Thank you for not mentioning indies because they honestly will do the system no good other than offering a little content.
himdeel  +   636d ago
Memory cards must get a major price cut at least 65%.
Salooh  +   636d ago
I think they should start with the games and apps. Let people have fun with it. Make the apps useful and put variety of them. Then fix the other stuff. If there is no gaming hype then what's the use of the memory price cut ?. or even the system it self. People won't go and buying something that doesn't offer what they like..
LOGICWINS  +   636d ago
At $250, the Vita's potential market will overlap with a $399 PS4's market. Most gamers aren't rich and they will have to choose. $250 towards a Vita(which is really over $300 when you factor in accessories like a screen protector, case, and a big ass memory card for your PS Plus titles) is $250 not going towards a PS4. Sony needs to drop the Vita to $199 to distance it away from the PS4.

And for those of you who say Sony doesn't need to drop the price, then why is the Vita struggling to find an audience at such a glorious price point?
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Grap  +   636d ago
because there's no software worth to get PS vita. i am more willing to pay 300$ for vita if there's games that worth getting it. P4G and soul sacrifice are great games but none of them are system seller the first is a port and the second i can play similar games (i.e dark souls) on my PS3.
LOGICWINS  +   636d ago
Thats your opinion. P4: The Golden is a system seller IMO. The question is where peoples priorities are. Should they save up for a PS4 and get a Vita later or vice versa?
Mustang300C2012  +   636d ago
It isn't just price or software. It simply doesn't have the clout that Nintendo's 3DS has. This was an issue with the PSP before and after the PSP Go was released. People just don't care about the system. The fact that consumers are choosing more expensive and less epensive options is telling you something no matter what part of the world it is being sold it is not selling period.
Salooh  +   636d ago
Exactly, I'm not saying that it's not kool to have a price drop but it won't do it good because the games people want are not available . Main problem --> AAA games.
clearelite  +   636d ago
Price (even though it's a good deal IMO) and past substandard marketing investment.
jXales  +   636d ago
ps4 bundle with vita. jalla! get it done!
GameCents  +   636d ago
I like Kaz. Jack always seems so smug to me. Either way, I hope they strike the right chord with the VITA soon, it's kinda said to see it struggling like it is.
monkey48  +   636d ago
Kaz is busy doing his swag in the corporate office as Sony Corp. President. I think Jack Tretton is a soft spoken nice guy who says it how it is unlike that ex-microsoft Xbox CEO guy who went too that online game company.
Mustang300C2012  +   636d ago
Oh please stop. There is plenty of gouges on the Internet from Sony and Tretton in particular that is just as bad about denials especially when it comes to Vita and the PS3 that people hear for years denied nothing was wrong with the PS3. Now everyone hear praises was Carny said about the PS3 that a lot of people were saying for years about. Same people hear masked with developers are lazy to whatever deranged comments come spewing out.
TongkatAli  +   636d ago
@Mustang oh please stfu. Noone "cared" about the PSP cause it would get the same things that are being said about the Vita. "no games no games no games"

Still sold over 70 million, hah.
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Williamson  +   636d ago
Best handheld I have ever played. If a gravity rush 2 is announced in September at TGS it would mean the world to me.
solidboss07  +   636d ago
Maybe not straight away, but PS4/Vita bundle for the same retail price of the fat, bloated One/Kinect would be advantageous.
NYC_Gamer  +   636d ago
That wouldn't be smart since that would mean Sony takes more losses on hardware
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Grap  +   636d ago
PS4 + PS vita for 600$ that's a killer price don't expects less than that
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Soldierone  +   636d ago
There is no "deal" in that price. Vita 200, PS4 400. Sony already chopped 50 dollars off Vita in some regions.

Sony can afford to lose 50-100 dollars on a Vita thanks to the overpriced memory cards. So Vita + PS4 at 499 would be gold. A bigger install base is what they need for Vita, so losing money would in return mean more money for them.
Dojan123  +   636d ago
Wonder is PS+ has driven any sales. I have been d/ling the games so when the price does drop I will have games to play.
levian  +   636d ago
Its definitely making me consider buying one (probably used), I've been downloading some Vita games from PS+ so when I get one there's less games I have to buy.
truthteller  +   636d ago
That's what SHE said.
Diamond  +   636d ago
Just give me GTA and I will be okay for the next couple years.
brettyd  +   636d ago
I love what Vita has goin on right now, with all the indie games being ported over. I'm playing a lot of great indie games I woudn't normally play on my ps3.
warewolfSS  +   636d ago
I'd buy one if it were made cheaper
smt_Nocturne  +   636d ago
i don't think it will get bigger because you already f#$%ed your Dedicated Fanbase with 1.8 FW and don't give
me piracy bullshit because we all know that making vita account region lock won't prevent piracy it's just a stupid move to sell your OVERPRICED Memory cards"1 account per memory, so if you want to log to multiple stores you will need multiple memory cards + 5min of resetting vita and format crap"

and let's hope remote play is going to improve in PS4 because let's be honest...remote play in Ps3 suck, i'm losing connection every 10min and i'm only 1 meter away from my router and PS3 connected via lan....so yeah it suck."tested both local connection and internet connection and still same"

and indie developers/self publishing is an epic thing but....with account locked vita it's a bad thing because it's just like 3ds and region lock but different here it's digital :D and btw all digital downloads are locked to 1 account Only :).
TongkatAli  +   636d ago
Advertise = Sales. Do a montage of the games out on the Vita as a ad.

The games i would pick to show.

Gravity Rush
AC Liberation
Toro Friend Network
Persona 4 Golden

30 sec commercial

Then at the end 200$, boom.

Maybe I'm making it sound too easy ? Word of mouth can only go so far when you got a dedicated troll fanbase for the Vita.
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PrimeGrime  +   635d ago
No idea why everyone disagrees with you, advertising never hurt anyone. Well unless it is bad advertising but that is pretty hard to do nowadays.

People will eat up anything it seems these days.
Soldierone  +   636d ago
Just tie it to the PS4 and it will sell millions....

I know Sony is afraid of the "it can do everything" idea, but I think Vita can utilize it well. You see Microsoft doing it with tablets, do it with the Vita.

That and, I dunno, ADVERTISE IT? The new PlayStation commercials are cool, except you can't really tell what the hell its advertising until "PlayStation" flashes at the end. Start making fun of other companies again and have balls to to it. Make fun of Microsoft like you did at E3. Make fun of smartphones and tablets. Make fun of everything. People LOVE funny commercials.

If advertising means losing one or two exclusives a year, then so be it. Just advertise the hell out of PS4 and Vita for 2 years until they have that install base you need. Why do you think Apple is so successful? It sure isn't quality......
Pillsbury1  +   636d ago
I would also like to see another portable metal gear solid, make it happen kojima!
Soldierone  +   636d ago
He did say he wanted all future titles to be ported to Vita, as that was the purpose of the new engine. To make everything easily ported.

Lets hope he holds true to his word and we get something on Vita when MGS5 comes.
iceman06  +   636d ago
I would agree and ADD that they need to advertise DIRECTLY to the core. Tell them WHY they need a Vita. Tell them WHY it is a great complement to the PS4. I have one now, and have since launch. I know the benefits, but I was an early adopter that just trusted the quality of Sony and their games. Not everybody goes to the internet and searches for information. A commercial, that is TARGETED, does wonders. I recall the "PSP...Hellz Yeah!!!" campaign. Behind all of the silly characters, they were really showing games, gameplay, and highlighting the other things that it did.
DigitalRaptor  +   636d ago
The Vita is getting some great games, but it still needs more support directly from Sony. Advertising, more first party games, price cut - at least on memory cards.

Exclusive games from series like BioShock and GTA.
Hicken  +   636d ago
"irrespective of the growing dominance of smartphones and tablets."

Brianaro  +   636d ago
I hope they introduce a 64gb card. I'm almost out of space on my 16 and I don't think 32 will do munch for me
boybato  +   636d ago
There is a rumor that they'll discontinue the 4gb version and possibly come out with a 64gigger... imagine the price for that. Lol
Pillsbury1  +   636d ago
I have a 4gb and transfer stuff from my ps3 to vita when I want to play it.
Soldierone  +   636d ago
I filled my 4GB and 16GB, don't want to spend money on a 32GB. Simply don't have that kind of money for one, and two it will fill up within a month so it would have no point.
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extermin8or  +   636d ago
PS vita Fan and Proud! Wishing for some more big games though? :p
Pillsbury1  +   636d ago
I'm predicting a 199$ price cut with memory card come Xmas time. They also need to drop the price of memory cards cause they are absolutely ludicrous. I love my vita and with ps plus its even sweeter.
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Tyre  +   636d ago
I will buy it soon after the PS4 launches, just because i love the remoteplay feature & the psn plus with it. It will be awesome with the nextgen games! can't wait.I was put off because it didn't have the remote play feature on PS3 with all games. It will become an integrated part of the nextgen games...but it will hold it's own too, the games on it like gravity rush are exceptional and fun! PSVita's fanbase will come to full fruition with the PS4. A sure buy for me.
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sherimae2413  +   636d ago
well, make it big enough mr.tretton, you dont have to release the games right of the bat, just announce the big games that are in-development ^_^

oh, and could you please drop the price of the memory cards too ^_^
The_Troll_Whisperer  +   636d ago
Loki86  +   636d ago
Just bought my vita tonight with Persona 4, with PS Plus what do I get for vita if I sign up?
XabiDaChosenOne  +   636d ago
I don't understand why they haven't dropped the price yet in other parts of the world besides japan.
DarkZane  +   636d ago
If they know the problem and there is games for it now. So wwy the hell don't they just drop the price of the vita and the price of the memory cards? It's clearly holding it back.
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SonyPS4  +   636d ago
1. Price drop, and include a low-end memory card in the box so the system becomes ready to play like it should
2. More jRPGs, P4 Golden is a big hint the Vita would be a great platform for this genre of games
3. More AAA Vita exclusives like LBP, less watered-down PS3 ports like Jak Collection (at least make the games work like they should or don't bother), Vita needs to stand out as platform of its own, not a PS3-lite portable
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PrimeGrime  +   636d ago
People keep saying PS4's remote play won't help well I beg to differ. Just about every person I know that is getting a PS4 is extremely excited to pick up a Vita also now because of this. Most are even hoping they make some PS4 + PS Vita bundle later on.

Matter of fact most every I know won't stop talking about how great remote play on PS4 will be. Not saying it will be a huge boost but it is definitely going to help.

I personally just get tired of hearing the same thing over and over from people. I think if a price drop was that easy Sony would have done it by now here, obviously they need it to stay at that price for a reason.

Anyone who complains about the Vita's hardware tag is insane in my opinion, complain about the memory cards all you want but $250 is a good starting price for it. I guess buying a 3DS for $250 when it first came out was much more justifiable?

I also don't get that people are expecting more AAA titles on the PS Vita than a console is getting like the PS3 for example, PS3 didn't get that many AAA titles this year either but no one complains because it has been out for 7 damn years..

We already have and are getting these games all this year on PS Vita these are great games whether you like them or not is not an issue of them not being really great games or AAA.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation
Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Soul Sacrifice
Little Big Planet
Gravity Rush
Wipeout 2048
Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition
Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Killzone: Mercenary
MotoGP 13
MLB 12 & 13 the Show
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Dragons Crown
DOA 5+
Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ 1 & 2
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Tekken X Street Fighter
The Walking Dead

I mean just reading that back to myself I find it ridiculous anyone is complaining. Look at the variety in all those games I listed. That is just the first year of the Vita's life and people are complaining just because it isn't the games they know and want.

That isn't including newly announced games like Freedom Wars and this new Dragon Ball Z which are probably set for early next year.

You guys constantly whine about it being a portable PS3, then all I hear is people asking for games that are on PS3.. What sense does that make?

P.S. If you are in Japan what on earth do you guys have to complain about? Seriously you guys have the most Vita games and the best ones available to you.. I don't get how anyone can actually complain about games for Vita in Japan. Man I would kill just to play half the games you guys have at the moment.
#28 (Edited 636d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TongkatAli  +   636d ago
Dood! You forgot to list Disgaea Absence Of Detention. That is the best SRPG game i have ever played, for shame dood.
PrimeGrime  +   635d ago
Actually I initially intended on mentioning those games like that along with P4G and games like Zero Escape but I know how people are.

They will just scream out that I listed a bunch of niche Japanese titles. I tried to stick to more known titles since everyone says it has no AAA games or games from AAA developers.

I almost didn't want to put Soul Sacrifice either.
xxPillsxx  +   635d ago
PS Vita doesn't sell too bad in Japan so developers in Japan are interested with it, that's why there's so many great games in Japan, while US&EU don't sell well at all so Japan and other big developers chose to not publish games for US&EU, that's the problem.

I agree with you we do need good ports game, ports aren't bad, only crappy ports are bad, I really want a lot of ports from PS3 especially GTA but we also need exclusive games.

Small developers in the other hand are really interested in PS Vita and they're developing for Vita, you should be happy about this, AAA or not, awesome games are still awesome and at last we have something to play, hopefully big developers will be interested in PS Vita, again.

One more thing, before Vita launches Sony published a list of developers support for Vita and it's huge yet we still didn't see products from more than the half of it, this might either be they cancelled the games or it takes time to make(big games usually take very long) and they haven't annouce it yet.

The Vita's price is very very reasonable with all the things it can do, only the memory cards are too expensive, so we should only need price drop on the memory cards AND bigger card!

Gamescom is near and Sony did say they will focus on PS4 AND PS Vita so we should expect to see big titles there just like in Gamescom 2012. Let's all wait and see.
takohma  +   635d ago
You just saved me from making a list. I have about 20 games on my vita. I love it and there's plenty of games. My only gripe is the memory card prices but I'm sure they'll drop down. I'm so tired of people saying there's no games when there is a bunch of them. It's funny how you can make a list of good games that aren't ports for the vita and no one can come back with a response. Even though I got my vita used I would have brought it new but the price on a used one from my friend was unbeatable lol. Now he wants to buy it back lol. But that ain't happening
PrimeGrime  +   635d ago
Yea and that is only a few really I could have listed more games. There a bunch more games in all those genres actually.

I just tried to keep it to the bigger named titles or games that could be considered AAA.

The only genre the Vita is lacking in is FPS. With how good Killzone: Mercenary is turning out I can't complain, like I always say I would rather have one very good game instead of a bunch of mediocre ones just to fill a gap.
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spok22  +   635d ago
Extremely disappointed in Sony on the Vita side. Took a leap of faith and bought the vita day one after watching sony demo monster hunter and warriors lair and promise remote play. Monster hunter never came, Warriors Lair is now canceled, and Sony only added remote play on two more games. Now im not saying that its all bad. There are still lots of games that I enjoy on my vita. Really hope Sony steps it up on the handheld side. Ill be watching gdc.

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