Ash Ketchum Heads To Karos In Pokemon X & Y Anime Debuting In Japan This October

GR: "Ash Ketchum or, as he's known in Japan, Satoshi will be headed to the new France-inspired Karos region that players explore in Pokémon X & Y."


Kalos region... sorry, the whole Japanese R vs L thing got me.

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Omar911907d ago

how old is this guy by now? lol He started at age 13 he must be 20 or 21 by now. dude needs to take a break lol

dbjj120881907d ago

Hardest working man in Pokemans.

Lord_Sloth1907d ago

He turned 10 in 1996 which means the character would be 30 by now since he would have been born in 1982.

Snookies121907d ago

Wouldn't that make him 27 if he turned 10 in 1996? Either way, it's confirmed that he's a vampire. That's why he doesn't age.

dbjj120881906d ago

Amazing math right here.

Scrivlar1906d ago

Seriously dude, how did you manage to work out that being born in 1982 made him 10 in 1996?

Lord_Sloth1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Major brain fart...I put the 2 year difference between him and me on the wrong side of 84. It's hot as hell outside and it's apparently cooking my brain! Now I feel dumb. lol

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tigertron1906d ago

He was 10 in 1997 (if we're going by the Japanese anime) so in 2013 he'd be 26.

However, in the anime time line he's probably about 15.

Mr_Nuts1907d ago

Soon as they replaced the voice actors and brought in May/Max thats when the show started to drop for me.

If they can keep Ash going I don't see why they need to change his companions all the time. The ones he's with now has a similar history of joining Ash like what Brock and Misty had

dbjj120881906d ago

I agree. As soon as they left the first generation I stopped watching.

Majin-vegeta1907d ago

Pokemon tv show needs a remake completely.Just watch the B&W 2 video.

Williamson1906d ago

I've been watching the anime for 14-15 years and no doubt from kanto-hoenn were the best episodes with sinnoh being good at times. Don't think Ash will ever win a league lol but its kind of a tradition to watch pokemon every Saturday.

dbjj120881906d ago

That's why I keep caring. If it weren't for the history I'd probably say Pokemon could have ended a while back.

LoneWolf0191906d ago

My god let the kid rest already. Bring in a new hero, and bring Ash back in a few years making him a league champion or gym leader.

dbjj120881906d ago

Or the newest member of the Elite Four?

LoneWolf0191906d ago

That too! Kinda forgot about them lol

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The story is too old to be commented.