Shuhei Yoshida: PS4′s Stance on Used Games Decided “Early in the Process” of Designing The Console

There has been a lot of speculation on whether Sony changed its stance on used games for the PS4 after Microsoft revealed its own, or it was a decision set in stone from the beginning, and according to SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida the latter option is the right one

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nick3091994d ago

Because sony knows how to keep its consumers wanting more, they kinda should not allow third party to use drm, though.

MizTv1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I'm very happy with Sony
Have been for some years now
M$ could learn a thing or two

miyamoto1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

M$ PR dept will try to find as many openings to hit where it would hurt Sony PS4 but they can't find any.
This is how prepared PS4 is to begin with since 2008.
M$ will spin every nit picking they can point their finger at but they wont find any.

Corporate decisions takes months and months of planning, decision making and approval process.

M$ changing their stance in a matter of days is beyond me, But I look at it as a house of cards and when it falls down it not gonna be pretty.

Nothing Can Prepare You When Greatness Comes

s8anicslayer1994d ago

True, but if they did then 3rd party would shy away from PS4 and go to where they can implement DRM and it would hurt PS4 sales. If the dev decided to do so then we as a consumer can elect to not buy their product like we did with the xbone.

MizTv1994d ago

Well good thing the best games on ps are first party

EXVirtual1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Really not sure 3rd party devs are gonna try it. They were trying to get Sony and Microsoft to do the dirty work and even Microsoft didn't do it. 3rd pary publishers will probably be too scared to do the DRM thing.

s8anicslayer1994d ago

Don't know why some one would disagree with my comment but I'm guessing you were ok with beig ripped off.

DxTrixterz1994d ago

but its only drm for online features so not a problem for me at all. As long as I can play used game single player mode without drm it's cool with me.

MariaHelFutura1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

They played the whole game like stone cold playas and made Microsoft look like amateurs.

nick3091994d ago

Ms are amateurs, who the f wants to pay for multiplayer without getting free games?( good NEW GAMES) i mean ms showed good exclusives but ... Ill never pay for gold.

febreeze11994d ago

Is there a video of that gif? lol

Drasill1994d ago

It's not like they would use online passes like Microsoft...

famoussasjohn1994d ago

Online passes were apart of both consoles. That was a developer idea, not the console manufacturers.

Tony-A1994d ago

I don't think it was something they were particularly interested in partly because it was a massive risk that could have easily backfired on them, as it proved to do for Microsoft.

It seems to me like they designed the console with everyone else in mind to ensure the most support. Used games for GameStop and the gamers, easy to develop for but powerful hardware for developers and an open strategy for indie support.

It's not like the old, arrogant Sony I've been so used to. Luckily, it seems as if everyone wins because even the competition had to re-evaluate in order to level things a bit, giving gamers an overall, better choice of options.


TheTwelve1994d ago

I believe him. I just wonder what this Sony patent was:

When you read it, it sounds like Sony had something in mind. Could somebody help me out with this?


SnotyTheRocket1994d ago

Yeah, after the MS shitstorm , i don't think any company, besides EA or something, will use DRM on consoles.

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Relientk771994d ago

And what a very great decision it was

TongkatAli1994d ago

Never seen so many happy people at E3 when they said used games allowed. I buy all my games new so it was meh to me.

Abriael1994d ago

yep, it was really unprecedented. I know quite a few people didn't believe their ears at the beginning.

PositiveEmotions1994d ago

Sony is cool but their frustrated because sony is not talking about the features that the hardware has and i want to know what features that the options ds4 has i want to know how to pause a game

No FanS Land1994d ago

well you just press the "options" button. Select and Start have been merged.

nick3091994d ago

Probably by swiping the touch pad, in a manner

hankmoody1994d ago

Anyone who believes this needs a reality check. Had the Xbox been applauded for its proposed DRM rules, Sony would have come out right behind them ringing the DRM bell as well.

Abriael1994d ago

If you don't have any evidence, may as well just bark at the moon. "If you don't agree with me you need a reality check" is hardly a solid argument.

loulou1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

leave it out. ffs sony are not some generous uncle. kaz, yoshida and the rest are just f'kin sony suits.

the comments section on n4g is beyond belief.

have a look at this

i was one of the lucky ones, but it still took me 3 months to get my 1500 back. ok 1500 is not a massive amount for a tv, but i got 10x better results with a different manufacturer.

sony first told me like everyone else that it "corresponded with the specs", then they told me to "buy a more expensive sony tv to have better quality 3d".

yeah good ol uncle sony you lot are unbelievable

madpuppy1994d ago

@loulou: I hate to say it but, Sony TV's and HT electronics are overpriced for what you get. The koreans have got them on the run with Samsung and LG having higher customer satisfaction, quality and cheaper prices.

The only thing that even interests me from Sony is the Playstation brand.

these days you really need to do your research before you buy anything, you cannot just "go" with a brand that is well known anymore.

Relientk771994d ago

Anybody who thinks DRM rules would be applauded, needs a reality check.

Serg1994d ago

Read this, then give yourself that reality check you recommended.

Dlacy13g1994d ago

I gotta admit something isn't adding up with this statement from Sony. I mean just before E3 there was the whole twitter #NODRM campaign and Sony Execs stated clearly that the voice of gamers was what pushed them to go in the no DRM direction...yet here they are saying "No all along we weren't doing it"... so which is it?

Abriael1994d ago

No, they said they heard and were humbled, not that they changed their mind.

RiPPn1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

They never stated the #NODRM influenced their decision, they just said they heard the message loud an clear.

Look at the article posted by Berg right above yours, it's Sony confirming they wouldn't block used games back in February.

People just can't grasp that Microsoft attempted to do this on their own, not strongarmed by publishers, and not in collusion with Sony.

Dlacy13g1994d ago

@RiPPn ... no I fully believe Sony isn't doing DRM and that decision was made prior to E3 but just was questioning the timing of when they decided. I suppose its a bit moot anyway they aren't doing DRM so its not really an issue.

NateCole1994d ago

Sony were surprised with that campaign. As it was close to E3 they wanted to wait until then to offically respond what they said all along.

Outside_ofthe_Box1994d ago

***"Sony Execs stated clearly that the voice of gamers was what pushed them to go in the no DRM direction"***

This never happened.

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warewolfSS1994d ago

Can't both consoles do this?

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