Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Impressions - Phase 3 (Vivid Gamer)

Is Square Enix's second run of Final Fantasy XIV worth a look? Find out as a Final Fantasy nut gives his impressions of phase 3 of the beta.

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theherp801907d ago

it actually looks really good

VileAndVicious1907d ago

It IS really good lol. If the idea of having a paid subscription doesn't turn your stomach you should give it a shot, the beta is awesome

theherp801907d ago

im ok with that i had to do that with WOW for so long, im hoping there is an open beta later this month but i haven't heard about it.

rdgneoz31907d ago

Its in closed beta 3 at the moment, suppose to go into open beta before release.

rrquinta1907d ago

I never thought SE would actually get it right with FFXIV

1907d ago
WalterWJR1907d ago

How long did it take you guys for the beta email to come through?

JAMurida1907d ago

I have yet to get the PS3 promo code, still waiting...

I'll probably just wait until open beta to play though, seeing to how there is only one more test before open beta.

Stevie1001907d ago

If you don't get a code don't worry, there will be a open beta some time this month

kingPoS1907d ago

Pishers - They help make 3 step process multiply into a 6 or 7 process. Grrr

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