Gears of War Judgment dev jumps to BioWare

Senior producer Chris Wynn announces move to be senior development director on next Mass Effect game.

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NYC_Gamer1989d ago

This proves to me that Mass Effect won't have any real rpg gameplay

N7Lukas1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Lets just hope its not to develop anything Mass Effect related.

Oh, just read the article, Mass Effect is doomed. Expect characters with no depth and Hollywood action around every corner.

Lvl_up_gamer1989d ago

That's some pretty week proof.

Just because a dev goes from 1 company to another doesn't mean that suddenly future IP's within a franchise is now going to completely change.

To me, this proves that 1 dev chose to broaden their resume and work for another established company.

Can't wait for future ME titles in next gen.

MizTv1989d ago

It's like PLEASE stay away from MassEffect

konnerbllb1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

More importantly another top level Epic Dev is jumping ship. Cliff, Rod, Mike and now Chris. It's possible I have missed someone. Epic is no longer epic. I assume it has something to do with the Chinese acquiring a stake in Epic Games. (Tencent Holdings)

Let's also remember Rod left Epic to wrap up Bioshock Infinite, shortly before/after release he quit. With his family still in Raleigh why wouldn't he just stay at Epic, seems more logical. I feel that Epic had to cut their budget and gave these guys the choice of riding it out and eventually getting laid off or leaving with a bigger severance package and other bonuses.

Mounce1989d ago

Cause by all means - a developer who has worked on a 'Shooter' series can infact not make ANY other genre game because there's a magical boundry that limits their creativity and makes it so if they go anywhere else. They'll never make an RPG and never have any skills or abilities to do anything else except for games that involves Shooting and cover systems, Right?

As Comical as your post is, it's ignorant and presumptuous to go on the fence and say that the guy who went to Bioware has no bloody skill in gaming or programming outside of the Gears of War series or its genre.....

How about more optimism and less cynical and groundless comments to trashtalk a company and actually SEE what they DO and reveal first before you Attack.

SideShort1988d ago

Thank you. Hate what gamers have become. Entitled? maybe a while ago. More like brats now.

Mounce1988d ago

@Sideshort - Yea....too many 'Gamers' who think themselves completely knowledgable about everything to do with games where they lose face of what is infact rational, and what's irrational. Jumping to conclusions and being cynical with prior facts and putting the dotted lines together at a pace that is never straight or fluid :/

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UNGR1989d ago

Well they tried copying Gears with the last two games, maybe they'll not suck at it this time.

Saints941989d ago

It's bad enough EA screwed with the series now this?

thekhurg1989d ago

Wow ... Wonder what the hell is going on at Epic Games. Can't say I'm all that pumped about him joining the mass effect team but hopefully it works out for them as well as us gamers.

Npugz71989d ago

Great! Now you can kiss the mass effect game goodbye! Gears judgment was horrible!

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