Ubisoft Calls The Crew ‘Unique, Beautiful’

IGN:Ubisoft explains how The Crew competes with other racers, plus how next-gen consoles will help its games evolve.

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FlameHawk1967d ago

Of course they are going to say that lol, and honestly the game is not that beautiful. IMO GT6 and Forza look better.

LilBaveLeo1957d ago

Yea right this game actually looks better u can do more stuff in this

NegativeCreepWA1967d ago

If the driving in it handles good, I'll be getting it. First racing game that has caught my attention in a long time.

Utalkin2me1967d ago

I agree it reminded me of Motorstorm with open world multiplayer. I will keep my eye on it.

Toman851967d ago

When I saw this the first time, I was impressed alot. Gonna get this either on my upcoming Xbox One or PS4. Both consoles are preordered 6 weeks ago.

On other forums, ive said for about 2 years Ubisoft had a driving game in their pipeline.
Look now and see who had right hehe :)