PS4 VS Xbox One: Which is Coming Out First?

The E3 dust has settled and we now know the price points of both systems, but neither of the release dates. Which console will hit first?

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MariaHelFutura1993d ago

It doesn't matter, the Playstation is going to outsell the Xbox like it does every generation. Microsoft had a year a headstart w/ the 360 and still came in 3rd spending hundreds of millions more in advertising. Things aren't looking so hot for Microsoft and things are on fire on Playstation, so like I said.... it really doesn't matter. Playstation will outsell them catering to more diversify, like they always do.

JohnnyHurricane1993d ago

Yeah I'm with you, I just hope Sony uses this momentum correctly.

derkasan1993d ago

It's going to be neck and neck, but I'm giving the edge to Sony this round.

OrangePowerz1993d ago

Normally I would say Xbox, but given what MS and Sony did this year so far I think Sony. They have been a step or two ahead of MS so far this year.

chrissx1993d ago

Even if xbone comes out first it won't change its fate.Ps4 to rule them all ^^

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