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Video: Can Nintendo Win The Video Game War?

Reggie says processing power doesn’t matter, games are most-important, and more. (Industry, Reggie Fils-Aime, Wii U)

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romancer  +   480d ago
Game War?

Are Chevrolets at "war" with Fords?
Is a Kit Kat at "war" with a Mars Bar?
Are bananas at "war" with watermelons?

Competition in business (even cut-throat competition) does not justify using the word "war" casually and carelessly -- and inaccurately.

Nintendo serves its segment of the video game business quite satisfactorily; nothing more, or less. In terms of net revenue, Nintendo may well be more successful and solvent as a company than either Sony or Microsoft, but the video game industry as a whole is too diverse for any one company to satisfy everybody.
DivineAssault  +   479d ago
Nintendo has to start making games that put that gamepad to good use! Also make some new IPs & sequels that are more than just in HD
Donnieboi  +   479d ago
Does Nintendo have the franchises to win? Yes!

Do they have the right administrative team to win? No.

Iwata and even Reggie don't do enough to entice gamers. They just sit back and expect money to fall on their laps. But the wii u doesn't have the gimmicky motion lure that pulled in casuals.

The Wii U's only chance now is with the hardcore. And THAT is going to take some hard work from Nintendo. But I don't care anymore. I'll care again when Iwata retires.
PopRocks359  +   478d ago
I don't see why you have so many disagrees. You do make a good point in that Iwata and Reggie don't provide the best PR to entice customers. In fact, lately all I've seen Reggie be good for is the "My body is ready" meme. Meanwhile PS4 has gained a ton of traction simply by Sony catering to gamers and having that spread through a combination of ads, articles and word of mouth.

The Wii U's future is really up in the air right now. I have no idea if Nintendo can preserve its lifespan over the generation. Hopefully they will do better next generation, assuming they don't systematically and significantly improve upon their console this generation.
Donnieboi  +   478d ago
True fans (like us) want more. We don't just sit on our thumbs and pretend that things are perfect.

Since it's July 4th, lemme use an example:

It's like the difference between a Patriot and a Nationalist. A Patriot expects better from his country and it's duty to look out for our best interests. A Nationalist on the other hand, follows blindly even if it is at the expence of the well-being of both the citizens and the law (or in the gamer sense--the well being of the customers and fans)
GrownUpGamer  +   479d ago
Seriously people... what war?
Zool 08  +   479d ago
Insomnia_84  +   479d ago
They're not even in the fight! They are just doing their own thing.
The war will always be between Microsoft and Sony.
Kevlar009  +   479d ago
If your console gets tons of great 1st and 3rd party titles and lives for another cycle does it really matter if it wins or not? A lot of people say the Wii was a toy that only sold on a cheap gimmick yet with the amount of hours and great first party titles I got from the Wii it was totally worth it.

The gamepad can help sell the WiiU only if devs show it's worthwhile. Dual screens worked on the DS, so there is innovation to be had. Nintendo also needs to find some way to sell the TVii features as well, since they can't point to pure graphical power like the PS4 their approach is much different

I don't see Nintendo winning the "war" from this point in time, the WiiU's launch compared to the eventual PS4 and X1 suggests it has a much weaker starting point. Anything can happen in the world of business, there are so many variables seen and unseen it's really hard to tell the outcome at this point. THe WiiU could sell like mad and the PS4/X1 dropping off (though i doubt the PS4 and X1 will sell poorly). Competition spurs innovation, and few make games like Nintendo
jairusmonillas  +   479d ago
Not a chance, The casuals doesn't even realize Wii U is a console, they think its just an add on to Wii.

And Wii U is also overpriced, $50 compared to a monster power PS4 quad CPU core, HIGH END GPU and 8GB GDDR5 ram. It's almost a joke that Wii U cost that much. Wii U's tablet controller screen isn't that much expensive to begin with. It's just Nintendo overpricing every system look at 3DS when it was first released.

And don't even mention the games, 3rd party games hasalready abandoned Wii U.
You're onto something here, because we all know every 'monster power' console wins it's respective generation..... oh wait *facepalm*
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Sincere0121  +   478d ago
loool u hit the nail right on the head.
Sincere0121  +   478d ago
Nah Wii U is priced just right Ps4 is overpriced! $50 extra for a console with average games that cant compete with any of nintendo's games, Charge you to play online and has no backwards compatibilty or innovation apart from a little screen on the controller that they have again copied from nintendo.

Wii U is number 1! Get used to it cause Nintendo is here to stay whether you fanboys like it or not.
Parapraxis  +   478d ago
You are pathetic.
Blueskysonic   479d ago | Spam
mamotte  +   479d ago
Is there any war to begin with? I think we all buy what we like the most, shut up, play, and problem solved.
Kos-Mos  +   479d ago
They already have since they are the only video-game company that earns money from the business. Sony and ms keeps fighting over more than video-games...we all know that ms produces the first xbox to hinder Sony from taking total control over the living room.
If you don`t believe these facts, you don`t understand big scale business.
We gamers are the ones that benefits most from this war....and Nintendo.
*Love Nintendo*
thomasmiller  +   479d ago
YES! every thought the wii was a joke, that the ps3 and 360 would bury it, 100 million wiis sold later, and they were the ones who buried the competition!!! they did it before they could do it again as long as they play their cards right, the could win the next gen war!
jairusmonillas  +   478d ago
Wii was a joke? nobody said that, Wii was outselling PS3 and 360 from the start. Wii U however is the real joke, selling 36k a month is historically VERY LOW for a console. not even PS3 and 360 went that low for a whole month.
thomasmiller  +   477d ago
just wait and see when the XBOX ONE WILL DIE!! and the ps4 starts out, in this economy?? yeah we will see who the joke is, but hey, what ever helps you sleep at night okay sparky?
Sincere0121  +   478d ago
I think your the REAL Joke. lol smh

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