Chinese Wii Rip-Off Localized For... Japan?

Kotaku writes: "Remember the Vii? Surely, it's burned somewhere into the back of your brain. The Chinese Wii rip-off has gotten a Japanese localization called V-Sports. We're pretty sure the Vii isn't text heavy, so localizing it was a cake walk. This release does mean more Japanese people can point and laugh at it, too! The console is retailing for ¥7,980 (US $79). That's not very funny at all. Then again, never is the current dollar-yen exchange rate".

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Carbon3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

The funny thing is that graffix are actually pretty comparable to that of the Wii.

ChickeyCantor3678d ago

you know thats not true.

Vii- didnt even had any 3d gfx XD it was all sprite based.

LinuxGuru3678d ago


Why the hell must people rip off other people's inventions? Especially in plain SIGHT!


SL1M DADDY3678d ago

At that price and with it's ready availability... This might be a good buy.

Ok, maybe not.

I like the maid idea though. ;-)